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It is now common knowledge that social media can have a negative impact on our mental health, but why not rebuild your Instagram feed to soothe and support you instead? Here are my top 5 accounts to follow this year for a more positive outlook:





For advice and affirmation on a range of mental health-related issues, @emotions_therapy is one to follow. Run by Cally Tate and currently holding 740k followers, the account shares accessible illustrations with helpful messages to remind you that you are not alone and are actually doing better than you may think.





A pretty self-explanatory handle, the first stop for self-care and a reminder to put yourself first. The 1.2M followers are a testament to the benefit of these posts, helpful for both those who suffer from the mental health issues being considered, and those who donʼt ‒ alerting to the signs for recognising such issues.





The Just Girl project is an amazing community to inspire and empower its 558k followers. The mix of artwork and videos shared can allow for a healing breather between those posts which leave you low and deflated.





Run by Artist/Illustrator Hannah Daisy, this account shares stunning artwork and promotes #BoringSelfCare ‒ a reminder that loving yourself comes in many forms, not just those promoted by skincare companies and influencers. Along with the 170k other followers, you will not regret the introduction of these colourful drawings into your feed.





Finally, with 903k followers, Dani DiPirroʼs account shares her incredible artwork, guaranteed to fill your feed with kindness. You may even end up being tempted towards Daniʼs book ʻGrow Through Itʼ or one of her workbooks ʻOpening your mindʼ, ʻFinding Yourselfʼ and ʻLoving Yourselfʼ.


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