Redhead Emojis are Finally Here!

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Blondes may sometimes have it bad with all the dumb blonde jokes, but redheads possibly have it the worst. According to the BBC, about 1-2% of the world’s population consists of redheads, making it the least common hair colour by far.

And of course, being in the minority has its downfalls. Prejudice and discrimination against redheads stretches back to hundreds of years - leading to a number of unfounded stereotypes and beliefs. In the medieval times for example, they were believed to be untrustworthy, sexually promiscuous, and morally degenerate. Ouch.

And now in the modern day, although we may somewhat smugly consider ourselves to be slightly more informed about the truths of the world, I’m sure we are all too familiar with the never-ending stream of jokes with redheads as the unfortunate butt of them. Remember that infamous South Park episode dedicated to gingers? Here are just a few examples of some of the problems that redheads deal with on a daily basis.  

1. Gingers don’t have souls.

2. They have a temper.

3. And most confusingly, as a society, we appear to have a fascination about the colour of their pubic hairs? Can someone explain this?

All these jokes aside, redheads may now stand up in pride and reclaim their lost dignity, because now, they have real representation in the form of emojis. People have tirelessly campaigned for its creation with a petition that boasted over 20,000 supporters.

Emojis are surely the modern sign of being accepted into society’s warm embrace!

Chief Emoji Officer Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia, recently revealed on Twitter that the redheaded emojis are set to be implemented next year.

Aren’t they magnificent?

He also revealed that they will be implemented along with curly haired, bald and white haired emojis. This is the future, ladies and gentleman.

Edited by Sarah Holmes