Positivity From The Pandemic

Coronavirus has been disastrous for all affected, you don’t need me to tell you that. Yet despite the overwhelming loss that has come from 2020, the pandemic has (remarkably) also brought glimpses of positivity that are just as important to recognise. 

1. Technological advancements – due to the requirements to work from home, many companies have had to adjust their procedures accordingly. As a result, there have been vast improvements in bureaucratic systems whereby the restrictions of ‘red tape’ in business, have been loosened. This improved efficiency has made it much easier for meetings to be held and deals to be made, specifically via web-meetings and calls. Such advancements have been necessary for a long time and make life just a little bit easier.

2. Cleaner air – one of the most beneficial effects of lockdown has certainly been that of the environment. With fewer people travelling to school and work, emission rates plummeted for the first time in hundreds of years. Such a reduction has been essential for both the environment and the wildlife in typically bustling cities; the continuation of which is fundamental in tackling the climate crisis. Woo, go green! 

3. Fewer costs for the individual – whether it’s saving money from commuting costs, or getting refunded for cancelled holidays (☹), it’s safe to assume most people have spent less over the past few months compared to normal – unless of course, you’re partial to a bit of online shopping. Perhaps these savings could be spent on something bigger and better than originally planned, the world’s your oyster!

4. Health benefits – a potentially niche outcome of 2020 could be the improvement of some people’s health and fitness (a shocking thought I know). With fewer fast food outlets available and more time for exercising or even running a quick 5K, wellness has been on many people’s minds. Quite a sweet irony given the circumstances in which it has taken place.

5. Forging closer relationships – the weekly clap seems like a lifetime ago by now, but during the Spring it provided wholesome moments of neighbourly appreciation. I reckon I’m not alone in having seen people on my street whom I had never seen before! The idea of isolating with my family for 6 months would have horrified me pre-Covid (sorry Mum and Dad). Yet experiencing such a distressing period of time together has united families, friends, and neighbours from all over the world. 

6. Recognising goodness – on the whole, we are all more appreciative of the goodness in our daily lives. Lockdown has positively highlighted the little things we take for granted that cannot be replaced easily. From seeing loved ones regularly, to going out for dinner, it seems that maybe the little things aren’t so little after all.