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Musicality’s Sister Act: An Honest Review

To start: WOW! What an incredible show. I went to see Musicality’s production of “Sister Act” and I was truly blown away. The audience was packed out, the theatre was filled row on row, and this amazing cast had me hooked from start to finish 

The story of Sister Act follows singer Deloris who ends up in Witness Protection, hiding in the convent at the Queen of Angels Church. The story allows the audience to engage with themes felt in today’s world and proved to be incredibly entertaining.

The opener to the show is hugely important as it has to have the ability to grip the audience which it truly did. The cast were incredibly charismatic and energetic, and they truly brought the show to life. I was amazed by the vocal abilities of those who played Deloris, Sweaty Eddie and Mother Superior. The close of the show was also amazing, and I almost didn’t want it to end.

The chemistry between the cast members shone through, sp you could see their respect for each other’s roles and how they all had truly bonded during this production. If anything, I’d say that the production put on by Musicality was fantastic, and although this was my first time seeing one of their performances, I was truly captured by the whole thing.

The show is running tonight (Friday night) and will finish on Saturday at Nottingham Arts Theatre. There are two shows on the Saturday; an afternoon performance and an evening performance. If you have a chance, I would thoroughly urge you to go and see it. Whether it be to enjoy the show, or to see if you would in some way like to be involved in Musicality and what they do, this isn’t one to miss.

Congratulations to all of those involved, you were all amazing and it was an incredible production to watch!

19. History Undergraduate at UoN. Lover of live music.
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