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Miley Cyrus has consistently pathed the way for us Gen Z babies. Hannah Montana taught us to sing our hearts out and pursue dreams in our early years. ‘Wrecking Ball’ in 2013 kickstarted the teenage rebellion inside us all. Now in our twenties, Miley has released “Flowers” to help us through our heartbreak era. 


Miley’s single “Flowers” hits number one and smashes Spotify’s one-week streaming record with more than 100 million streams globally. “Flowers” is the first song to have two consecutive weeks with more than 50 million streams since Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s license” in January 2021. The single also earned 40.8 million radio airplay impressions and sold 65,000 units in its second full week since its release date. If you haven’t listened to or heard of “Flowers” then you must be living under a rock!


As soon as “Flowers” hit the charts people started churning out ideas about the single. The dominant idea is that the single was a goodbye kiss to Miley’s ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. The biggest hint may have been that Miley released “Flowers” on Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday (January 13th). Speculation around “Flowers” was plastered over all social platforms and every news article (attributing to its success). Instantly listeners gathered that the song was an anthem of female empowerment. “Flowers” is undeniably a middle finger to the men. Miley changes breakups from heartbreak and suffering to empowerment and growth. The upbeat track shows no remorse in promoting self-love and undermining the “importance” of men. 

I can buy myself flowers

 Write my name in the sand

 Talk to myself for hours

 Say things you don’t understand

 I can take myself dancing

 And I can hold my own hand

 Yeah, I can love me better than you can

Miley’s lyrics are the cure to a broken heart. It is the perfect pick-me-up or car karaoke. “Flowers” is a reminder that women are BADASS and self-love is the greatest love.

Eagle-eyed fans couldn’t ignore the direct parallel between “Flowers” and the ten-year-old hit “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. It didn’t take long for listeners to make sense of Miley’s deliberate mirroring. Reportedly Miley’s ex-husband Liam Hemsworth once dedicated “When I Was Your Man” to Miley. This was only one aspect of the song which led to the spiral of chitter-chatter online about Liam Hemsworth and Miley’s divorce in 2020. 


I should have bought you flowers

 And held your hand

 Should have gave you all my hours

 When I had the chance

 Take you to every party ’cause all you wanted to do was dance

Miley has flipped Bruno Mars’s lyrics changing them from male regret to women taking control of their own happiness and love. “Flowers” projects – if you want something to be done right, do it yourself. Women should not rely on men for happiness, love and consistency when women are more than capable of doing it themselves. 


Miley didn’t stop there! Miley released the sexy, sunny music video which only adds to the hit’s drama. Miley is seen parading through LA and dancing through a lavish home. Fans were quick to notice that the mansion was a speculated location where Hemsworth allegedly entertained over 12 affairs whilst married to the pop icon. Miley using the cheaters hideaway as her music video stomping ground is Miley turning one of her lowest points into one of her most successful. It is a message of power, strength and liberation.


Musical icon Gloria Gaynor, an empowering break-up anthem legend, with her hit “I will survive” publicly congratulated Miley’s hit “Flowers”

“Your song carries the torch of empowerment and encourages everyone to find the strength in themselves to persevere and thrive. Well done Miley!” 

“Flowers” has kicked off 2023 in the right way. Here is to 2023 being all about Girl Power. 

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