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Meet Molly – Nottingham’s ASOS Ambassador

This week we spoke to Molly, Nottingham’s latest Ambassador for ASOS. For more info on how to bag such a fantastic job or how you can win £5000 (That’s a lot of new clothes!!) read our interview below.

What are you studying and does this relate to why you wanted to work for ASOS?

“I am studying English and Art History BA and going into my third year! My degree, as an arty subject which sort of relates to ASOS as they are a creative company.

I wanted to work for ASOS as I shop there. ALL. THE. TIME. No exaggeration! I also have wanted to work in the fashion industry since I was 15 and ASOS as a company is just the dream to work for as they target people our age and embrace values that are important to me like diversity, inclusivity, and celebrating your personal style.”


How did you become an ASOS Brand Ambassador?

“I actually found out about it through a family friend after I was saying how I was finding it hard to find a job at university that I could easily balance with my work and social life. The role is offered through SEED Marketing, a student marketing agency that offers brand ambassador roles for a range of big brands like Spotify, Levis, Voxi, Soap and Glory and most importantly ASOS!

This summer, I slaved away over my application for days trying to make it sound as passionate as I could because I knew that this would look great on my for a future career in fashion. I was on holiday with my family at the time when I found out that I had got through to the assessment centre which I then flew home early for, because it was that important to me!

Because I am naturally quite a shy person and I have never attended an assessment day before, making a good first impression was very important to me. Plus ASOS said they wanted fashion forward individuals so I wore a pink suit - as you do.”


What does an ASOS Brand Ambassador do at university?

“Broadly speaking an ASOS brand ambassador isn’t afraid of promoting on social media and interacting with students on campus. Whether that is doing posts in your ASOS merchandise, handing out leaflets, going into halls and speaking to freshers and creating fashionable events on and off campus. Yet this depends on each student campaign that ASOS is doing at that moment and your tasks are specific to each campaign.”


What made you want to be an Ambassador for ASOS at Nottingham?

“For the University of Nottingham, being a campus environment, I felt that this would be easier for me to meet and connect with Freshers. Plus, as I am a third year student, I feel fully established in Nottingham and comfortable with my surroundings. I also will be reaching out to Nottingham Trent students which is renowned for its fashion courses and I think that is a massive strength especially for the ASOS Design competition.”


What is your favourite part of the job?

“My favourite part of the job is posting on social media because you can do it anywhere and at any time – I think being savvy on social media is a valuable skill to have for our and for future generations. Also wearing the merchandise is quite fun too!”


What do you like most about the brand compared to other high street shops?

“I love how ASOS has stayed true to its target market – they always seem to adhere to the trends that we want and make it affordable, but still exciting! Also, the fact that they stock over 850 different brands. This means that online shopping just never gets boring because each brand brings something new to the table whilst keeping to ASOS’ aesthetic.”


What would make you shop at ASOS as a student?

“Because they always have something. For example, if you needed a top for going out, a dress for wedding, new pj’s, or bulk buying white tops they always have everything!

Their consistent 10% student discount always makes the difference as well when you are buying clothes.

Being a student is also the first time when you can fully embrace your personal style, or change your style without fear of being judged. And I think that because ASOS caters to so many individual styles, it gives you the flexibility, at an affordable price to experiment and have fun with your style.”


What are you excited about for Nottingham students this year with ASOS? (you can talk about the competition here maybe and then we can put more details at the bottom of the article with a link etc.)

“ASOS has created a student campaign called ‘Go Beyond Basic’ which runs until late November. This competition gives students the chance to design a basic white t-shirt using ASOS predesigned icons, coming up with their own witty slogan, or uploading a design of their own.

If delving into your inner artist isn’t your thing then you can choose from 10 predesigned t-shirts created by illustrators from around the world. To design, upload and order a t-shirt is completely free, if you sign up to the ASOS student discount.

The designed t-shirts are whittled down to 200 entries which are then put to a public vote. The winning t-shirt gets £5000 and their t-shirt sold on ASOS which is an invaluable opportunity for a burgeoning designer!!”


It was so great to speak to Molly and find out about such an exciting opportunity! We wish you the best of luck this year and will definitely be trying our hand at winning that £5000 (even if we haven't drawn since year 9 art class...). Keep an eye out for a girl in ASOS apparel around campus this Freshers'! 

To enter and create your free t-shirt you just follow the link below, enter your student details, and once you get the email to your student account you can begin designing!






Student at the University of Nottingham studying English and French. Spending a year in France doing sport, sailing and marketing.
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