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A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Unless you’re living under a small-to-medium-sized rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about Bo-Jo’s announcement earlier this week. After a year of bad news, I think we all needed a bit of positivity concerning what the future may look like.  


Of course, this move towards normality is a daunting prospect. No one really knows what it’s going to feel like in crowded bars, restaurants and shops after a year of social distancing and isolation. 


I’ve got to say, however, that this is exactly what I needed right now. The atmosphere in our uni house completely changed after finding out the government’s proposed roadmap and a gradual shift towards normality. I won’t lie, I think we got ourselves a bit overexcited at the prospect of nightclubs opening up again…a bottle of wine may have been opened and my housemate may even have had a browse online for outfit ideas ?


So, aside from the big ‘21st June’ landmark date which we’ve all seen plastered across the internet in memes and tweets, what have we got to look forward to in the upcoming months?


So, from the 29th March 2 households are allowed to mix outdoors, which means the garden visits that we all cherished in summer with grandparents, friends and family are on the back on the cards. Also, from this date outdoor sports facilities will reopen – I must say, I cannot wait to get back on the tennis court with friends as a much-needed escape (and something a bit more exciting than a walk). 


Following that, from the 12th April, we should (hopefully) be able to open up shops, restaurants, hairdressers, nail salons etc. Takeaways are great, but nothing compares to going out for a great meal and cocktails – right? I really do miss having a browse around the shops (I’m one of those who loves a solo shopping trip) and my hair is in need of some attention, so fingers crossed this goes ahead on time??


It is also around the 12th April that they should be able to open up gyms and leisure centres. Again, I’m so excited about the opening of gyms. Going to the gym does so much for my mental health, especially the classes they offer such as spinning (which, if you haven’t tried before, I highly recommend – the atmosphere is amazing). 


So, around the 17th May, the government are hoping to change a few rules. They hope that most outdoor social contact rules will be lifted, with gatherings of up to 30 people allowed (many, many BBQ’s pending). This is also when they hope to reopen indoor hospitality and entertainment venues such as cinemas, whilst larger indoor performances and sporting events will also be gradually reintroduced. 


And finally…the 21st June. Bo-Jo has reiterated that this date is not set-in-stone and is very much subject to change. But it’s hard not to get excited, right?! This is when the government hope to lift all legal limits on social contact, whilst reopening nightclubs (eeek) and large events. So there it is, the light at the end of the (very long, dark) tunnel…

Ellie Sayer

Nottingham '21

20, UoN blogger. Final Year American and Canadian Literature, History and Culture student. A lot of love for travelling, all things food-related and taking care of my mental & physical health!
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