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How to Stop Getting Distracted by your Phone ✋

*disclaimer, all instructions and tech settings are applicable to iphone. 

Now half way through term, the work load is getting serious and it’s time to look ahead and get organised, so we’re ready to relax come Easter. Saying this, the last week or two my concertation levels have been at an all-time low, being unable to stayed focused on the task at hand. The main culprit? My phone. Never before have I been so constantly switching my brain off and my phone on, scrolling through every app so absentmindedly that it’s become a subconscious bodily function.

If you know the struggle, then try implementing these 3 simple steps, which I have found incredibly useful in stopping my unhealthy phone habits.  


  1. Turn off all unnecessary app notifications, and amend social media apps to the minimum notify level. For example, on my phone, apps such as Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Instagram and Twitter are all set to ‘badges’. This setting means they do not appear on my lock screen so I’m not tempted to click, scroll and respond. For other apps like Messages or Whatsapp, I think it’s important to allow notifications, simply for practicality, so people can still get hold of you.


  1. Another tool which will stop you in your tracks is setting up a passcode on the apps you find yourself going on the most. As a visual person, Instagram is my weakness. Before I know it, I’ve spent the last twenty minutes scrolling through different feeds and then looking for more on the discover section. If you go to general settings, accessibility, and then guided access you can set up individual app passcodes. It may seem small, but this takes away the easiness of mind-numbingly clicking from app to app, and instead causes you pause for a second and think about what you’re doing.


  1. Out of sight out of mind. Do NOT have your phone out right next to you where you can see it. Instead, put it away out of sight, preferably somewhere where its slightly harder to get to, like the inside pocket of your bag. You could even go the extra mile and switch it off, again this just makes it harder to become distracted. Then when you come to actually go on your phone, it’s more likely that you’ll do so with some engagement and relaxation.


We are all guilty of overusing our phones, but this shouldn’t be a daily occurrence. If it is, then join me in the steps above so we can maximise our productivity and enjoy a healthy amount of screen time distributed throughout the day.


Good luck with the breakup! I promise you’ll feel all the better for it.


Brianna Croughan

Nottingham '19

3rd year student, Studying English at the University of Nottingham.
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