How to get rid of your post-exam funk

Following exams, it can be really hard to get back into a normal uni routine. And that’s okay. We’ve just spent the last three weeks or more completing coursework, revising and living off convenience food. So the question is, how do you find new motivation for the term ahead? …because I’d like to know.


Joking! I’ve got some tips which is making the idea of a new term much easier to handle.


  1. Give yourself a break.


Whether this is for one day, two days, a week it doesn’t matter, it’s so important to switch off. If, unfortunately, your exams finished later than you’d like, then take a look at your remaining time and make a strict deal with yourself on when and where you’re going to take that well-needed time off.


  1. Take it easy.


Following on from my first point, it’s best to take the first week slow. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed at this point in the year, with tutors and emails reminding us what we’re up against. But, keep a cool head and take one thing at a time, and at your own pace!


  1. Own it.


We should all feel proud of the work we’ve put in, no matter what the result. Exam season can show just how much we can achieve in a day (flashbacks to night before cramming). Take this attitude into the new term, and feel confident in your capabilities.


  1. Learn from your mistakes.


Perhaps there was something you wish you’d done differently last term or know you could have done better. If this is the case, don’t dwell, learn from it, and apply it to this term so you can really smash it.


  1. Think ahead.


If there’s something you know you could do that would make your life easier on your future self, you might as well start now. For instance, if you know that taking an hour each day to summarise your lecture notes and understand them would mean less work when it comes to summer exams, do it.


Stay focused, stay organised and you’ll soon find the perfect balance of work and play.