He Loves Me? He Loves Me Not? 10 Tell Tale Signs

We’ve all been there. Staring at our phone. Waiting. Surely there’s a way to figure out whether he really did have a “good time”? Here are 10 signs that he’s not actually into you to help you figure out whether he’s worth your efforts or not. Like, go and get a subway you’re wasting your time kind of not worth it. Optional homework: watch the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’.

1. His phone is *insert excuse* / He is *insert excuse*

“Hey sorry my phones been playing up” or “Sorry, been so busy lately” - there are so many excuses, I could make a book. Ladies if he wants to text you, he will text you. Otherwise, put that phone down and get on with your life. 2. The ‘Ex’ Files

Is he talking about his ghosts of girlfriends past on the first date? If so, make sure you’re the first to leave. 3. Taxi anyone?

A bit of kindness goes a long way when you’re having trouble getting home. If he’s not going to help you out, forget him. My friend once had to get the bus home the morning after in painfully high heels after the guy kicked her out and wouldn’t lend her taxi money. Needless to say, she didn’t speak to him again.4. Is chivalry really dead?

Call me old fashioned, but buying a girl a drink is often a tell tale sign that a guy is interested. Especially if he’s a student. It’s probably killing him inside.5. Slow and steady…

Guys that genuinely like you will take the time to get to know you. Rushing into things is a sign that that’s all they want from you and you might not get that next-day-phone-call. But hey, that’s their loss. 6. Compliments are a good thing

WARNING - UNINTENTIONAL OFFENSE MAY BE TAKEN. Some guys just aren’t great with their wording, and we know that we girls have a tendency to over-analyse every sentence. On my first date with my boyfriend I wore a black trench coat - he told me I looked like a prostitute. I later discovered he thought I looked sexy. 7. Lad Banter

Only necessary in the presence of other testosterone-filled creatures. He should not talk to you like a ‘lad’. It’s an unromantic giveaway. Once, my friend’s date began ‘rating’ other women in the restaurant. Just no.8. Body Language

Eye contact? A gentle brush on the arm? A guy that fancies you will not be able to stop touching you. But not that kind of touching - not yet anyway. 9. Question Time?

A guy who's interested in you will ask you questions about yourself. Simple. 10. Early Departures

This one is brutal. Find someone who’s excited to spend time with you and doesn’t want the date to end. If you’re on a date and he’s leaving early for whatever reason, it’s not going anywhere.

Edited by Sarah Holmes