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Gym Motivation: STOP. THINK. GO.

As the evenings get darker and as the weather gets colder it is easier than ever to be tempted to skip the gym. Here are 7 tips to keep you in line and to maintain that summer body throughout the cold winter months…

1)   Perfect playlist

•        Create and regularly update a gym playlist on your iPod – tell yourself you can’t stop until you’ve finished listening to the whole list.


2)   Go with a friend

•        By going with a gym buddy, you’ll have someone to help push you in reaching your goals – it’ll also make it harder for you to be tempted into skipping a work out.

3)   Attend a gym induction

  • Most gyms offer you a free induction with a personal trainer on joining. By attending a session, you’ll be able to get well-informed advice on how to achieve your goals, as well as a plan to help make your work out sessions as productive as possible.


4) Gym classes

  • Classes are a great way to stay on track. Many gyms – such as The Gym in Nottingham town centre – offer free classes with memberships. £13.99 a month for a 24 hour gym and a number of classes? You can’t even use the ‘skint student’ excuse at that price…


5)   Workout gear

•        Sort yourself out with some pretty work out gear. Though some people prefer to throw on an old t-shirt, I’m a fan of the “if you feel good you look good” policy. Gym clothes included.


6)   Tell people you’ve got a gym membership

•        Drop it into conversation. Message your friends. Scream it on the bus. Just let people know you’ve joined the gym! If you make a conscious effort to tell people, then they’ll be sure to ask you how your new exercise regime is going…

7)   Stop thinking about reasons not to go.

  • Literally stop and just GO. GO GO GO!

Edited by Mackenzie Orrock

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Hannah Eastaff - Health & Fitness Blogger
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