Get Involved with...Rugby

All of this week, we're going to be sharing experiences of University of Nottingham students in various sports societies. We hope this will encourage you to #GetInvolvedAtUoN !

Sport is a huge thing at university at a variety of levels. The University of Nottingham has a wide range of sporting societies, and this chat with Rugby League’s Eddy Daly, will give you an insight into what rugby league has to offer and whether it would be the sport for you.

“Rugby League is one of the most successful sports clubs within Nottingham University. We field three teams, have a successful Varsity and league record as well as an active and friendly social life, with regular events and an annual tour. This year we aim to continue this success in the higher leagues and generally become a medium through which students can meet and gain the most out of University life.” - UoN Rugby League Facebook page 

1. Why do you like league?

I like league because I consider it to be one of the toughest team sports on the planet - the physicality, honesty, determination and hard work needed reflect upon values needed in many aspects of life.

2. When did you get involved with league and how?

I was brought up playing it with my grandad and eventually picked it up at school. I then got asked to go down to a local club and then I’ve played ever since.

3. What's the best part about being a member of the society?

Definitely the sense of community and social scene - you get to meet so many people from all sorts of backgrounds and a few of them become your best mates.

4. If you could sum up league in a sentence, how would you describe it?

I’d say, it’s a thug’s game, played by gentlemen.

5. What would you say to people wanting to get involved?

To anyone wanting to get involved I’d say, go for it - our club at uni doesn’t care how good you are or if you’ve never played, so just come down to training and try it. See what you think!

If you are interested in getting involved with Rugby League specifically then please see the below links:

If you are thinking about getting involved in a sport, whether it be Rugby League or anything else, don’t be afraid to get involved! Sport is another great way to meet new people at University and potentially make friendships that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to form otherwise.