Clothes Shopping on a Budget

With Christmas fast approaching (and my bank account depleting fast) shopping on a budget is now a priority. This is made especially difficult by the number of social events at this time of year. I have recently been trying to be savvier and search around for cheaper alternatives, rather than my usual method of impulse buying pretty clothes… and regretting it later. If you find yourself in a similar position then go ahead and read my top tips for getting more for your money!


Depop is seen by many as a trend that lasted about a year in 2015. Everyone sold their old Hollister hoodies and then people lost interest. Depop is a great way of finding what you want for cheaper, for example Topshop’s renown £45 Joni Jeans for around £15-£20. Some items are even sold brand new with tags, so if it’s a specific item you are after and you know the size, then Depop is a great place to look.

Also, Depop is a great place to look for more vintage style clothes. Levi’s mom jeans and other vintage style jeans can be bought for around £20. There are also loads of maxi dresses and ball gowns for sale, that people have only worn once, and are selling for at least half the original price. I really urge you to have a browse on Depop.

Another great thing about Depop is that you can sell your unwanted clothes and get a little bit of extra income that way - just because you no longer wear it doesn’t mean someone else won’t!


Not utilising UNiDAYS is something I think a lot of people are guilty of. They always have deals on and extra discounts which deduct a significant chunk of money. At the moment, they are doing a discount advent calendar where they offer a different deal every day, so I recommend that you have a look at the UNiDAYS website.


People often seem shocked when they ask me where I bought something and I respond with Primark. My friends are always asking how I find nice things in Primark because, granted, Primark can be a bit of a chore. Often you have to wade through a lot of interesting and wacky pieces before you actually find something nice.

But Primark is actually great for cheap fashion. I think they often sell clothes similar to Topshop, for a fraction of the price. The key to shopping in Primark is to know what you want before you go in. I would recommend watching YouTube hauls before you go into Primark. This gives you an idea of what kind of things Primark have in that month. Linked below are some of my favourite ones for December 2016 Fashion.

Edited by: Amy Hawthorne