Climate Change: Why the World Needs to Wake Up

We’ve all been taught about Global Warming when growing up in geography lessons, we all know that it’s good to recycle and that we shouldn’t waste food. So why are the majority of people not taking it seriously?

Last week, the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) released a major warning statement saying that if we don’t keep the temperate of the Earth below 1.5 degrees within the next few years, there will be seriously damaging effects on our planet. We can already see that climate change is happening now through the hurricanes in the US and Caribbean earlier this year and multiple forest fires.

While there are a lot of amazing people and companies campaigning for change, there are still individuals who either refuse to accept or ignore the damage we’re doing to our planet. Many think it is not their responsibility to care for the planet for the future generations as they aren’t the ones who have to deal with the consequences, but if everyone was committed to making simple lifestyle choices it could have a huge impact on the future of the Earth.

Not All Bad

While it may seem bleak, I believe that society is slowly moving towards change, with more people choosing a plant based diet over a primarily meat based diet, and the increased popularity surrounding reusable bottles to reduce single use plastic waste.

Maybe the recent news will be a wakeup call to those who have so far ignored the very real issue of climate change.

What You Can Do

There are many simple but effective ways to contribute to the future of the planet that require very little effort!


1. Eating less meat and dairy

The production of meat is one of the major causes of deforestation, green house gases and water use. (enter facts) It is arguably one of the most inefficient foods to produce.

Whilst completely cutting out both in your diet may seem like a drastic change for some, even reducing your meat consumption to a few days a week can help.


2. Purchasing reusable cups

Single use plastic bottles are a major cause of general planet pollution. Plastic takes thousands of years to biodegrade, and so buying a reusable coffee cup or bottle can greatly reduce this. You’ll notice this slowly creeping in to major coffee chains like Starbucks, who even reduce your drink price by 30p when you bring your own cup. Even cafés around campus such as Trent café sell their own reusable coffee flasks now.


3. Recycle!

This is an obvious one but it is easy to just chuck a plastic wrapper in the bin without thinking. Have a designated recycling bin in your house for all recyclable things so they can be easily emptied in your main recycling bin.


4. Take the bus

Another obvious one and one you probably already do if you’re a student. Avoiding driving and taking public transport can greatly reduce the number of polluting cars on the road.


5. Educate yourself and others

In my eyes everyone should feel an obligation towards looking after the planet, and so even just giving your food choices a second thought and eating meat once or twice a week can help. Inform yourselves with documentaries about climate change and don’t let yourself be ignorant to it!


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