'British Disneyland': Paramount London are Opening the Worlds Biggest Theme Park

To all the Disney daydreamers out there, your wishing on a star may finally have paid off! No, there’s not going to be a Magic Kingdom over here in the UK anytime soon, but Paramount are looking to open what they tip to be the world’s biggest theme park as early as 2021.

Set across 338 acres of what is currently landfill in Kent, the London Paramount Entertainment Resort will cost £3.2 billion to build and hopes to attract 50,000 tourists a day – that’s around 10,000 less than Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with their main Orlando park holding up to 100,000 around 4th of July.

Structured into themed zones, as you’d expect of any world-class resort, current projected features from Paramount will include rides playing tribute to Mission: Impossible, Wallace and Gromit, The Godfather and Chicken Run. Every afternoon will also see the park streets lined with a ‘Paramount and Friends Carnival’ featuring your film favourites, followed by a spectacular show to top off the evening’s entertainment.

Just like the Walt Disney World Resort, there will also be hotel rooms on site for up to 5,000 guests, whilst the fun extends into restaurants, live music venues and an indoor water park – yes, they’re being realistic, this is England and it’s still going to rain!

Whilst February saw a recent change in leadership overrunning the project, and the launch date has already been pushed back 3 times, Paramount are currently preparing to secure a Development Consent Order which should bring about more definite timing estimates. So, watch this space!

Website: http://www.londonparamount.info/the-project/rides-and-attractions/

Edited by: Imogen Hibberd