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Book Review and Giveaway: Lullabies by Lang Leav

As winter rolls in (will it ever stop raining?) you might be feeling in need of a little magic in your life. Sadly, it’s too early to crack out the Christmas jumpers and fairy lights, but if you’re in the mood for enchantment, Her Campus has the answer.

 Australian multidisciplinary artist Lang Leav has recently published her second book of poetry – the aptly titled Lullabies. Leav’s first poetic offering was 2013’s Love & Misadventure, which set the bar high by becoming an Amazon bestseller. The pressure’s on for her latest anthology, and fortunately, she doesn’t disappoint.

This is a charming and thought-provoking compilation. Lullabies is divided into three central chapters – the Duet, the Interlude and the Finale – designed to take the reader on a musical journey. Her short rhyming verses verge on the abrupt and are often monosyllabic, but her rhyme schemes and rhythms are playful enough to make up for it. Leav includes an encore, treating us to excerpts from Love & Misadventure for those coming to her poetry for the first time.

In Leav’s opening note, she hopes that the book will be seen as ‘a bedside table kind of book- one that you will pick up on some restless, windy night and it will help sing you to sleep.’ Lullabies is just that – if you’re already sinking under the weight of a dry and dreary reading list, Lullabies will be a breath of fresh air. Whilst not the most intellectual of poetry, these verses are lovely in their simplicity. Succinct and truthful, they’ll strike a chord with any young student that’s experienced love and longing. 

Extract: Unrequited




‘The sun above;

a stringless kite,

her tendril fingers

reach toward.


Her eyes, like flowers,

close at night,

and the moon is sad

to be ignored.’


The theme of love is prevalent, but dealt with in a very whimsical way- so if you think love poetry might be a bit serious for you, think again! Some of the more traditional rhyming poems are interspersed with fragmentary narratives, which stops things from getting boring. Leav’s quirky illustrations are an added bonus. So if you’re looking for some romantic and charming bedtime reading, look no further. Get your hands on a copy of Lullabies (and if you’re a humanities student, it’s basically extra study anyway, right?)

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http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41qRzO5z%2BpL.jpg (Picture 1)

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/615dnLShOnL.jpg (Picture 2)

Lang Leav (2014). Lullabies. USA: Andrews McMeel Publishing. (Quote)

Edited by Harriet Dunlea

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