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7 Ways to Use Coconut Oil




If you’ve been resisting the urge to hop on the coconut oil bandwagon, thinking it was just a ‘health-freak’ craze that would soon pass, you’re wrong. Coconut oil is here to stay so you might as well give it a go. To get you started here are just a few ways you can use it.  

1. Baking and cooking

It’s a great substitute for regular fatty oils; with less calories and healthy fats. It’s a simple way to make meals more nutritious, and just an added bonus that it provides them with more flavour.

2. Eye make up remover

Coconut oil isn’t just for cooking though! It’s an absolute life saver when it comes to removing makeup (especially waterproof mascaras that don’t like to budge).



3. Shaving cream

As a student I’m forever using shower gel as a cheaper alternative to shaving gel – I mean, who can afford Gillette’s finest these days?! But, I have to admit it isn’t quite as good. When I discovered that you can use coconut oil instead, I was on it straight away; and boy oh boy does it give you silky smooth legs (just in time for summer).

4. Spot treatment

With the dreaded exam season almost underway, exams creeping up scarily fast and stress levels sky high it’s likely that some of us will start waking up with a new ‘friend’ in the morning (yep I’m talking about those damn spots). Simply apply coconut oil to them every night before bed and I promise you’ll start to see a difference.

5. Natural moisturiser and lip balm

Since coconut oil is of course very moisturising due to its occlusive, humectant and emollient ingredients such as Vitamin-E, it only seems right to use to it as a natural moisturiser and lip balm, improving skin hydration with zero nasty extras. P.S. It also has SPF 8!!



6. Help with those hair disasters  

We all know how the weather here can be utterly unpredictable (even though it’s Spring) – coconut oil works for us both ways: it can reduce frizziness from humidity on hot days but can also sort you out if you get caught in the rain. Not only that, but it can enhance shine and sort out your dry ends once and for all – a cheaper alternative to the bank breaker, Moroccan Oil.



7. Help get rid of cellulite

Everybody has a little bit of cellulite (even Kendall Jenner), and it’s absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of because it’s natural and us girls are just human. But, I do know that lots of people are often self conscious of it – you can help reduce it by simply applying coconut oil to the affected areas consistently – it works a treat!

Edited by India-Jayne Trainor  


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