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6 Myths About Exchange Students

Myth: All they do is travel

This is probably the most common myth when it comes to exchange students. It’s easy to see where it stems from as it is pretty common for most of us to jet set off to different places, especially if we’re on exchange on a different continent. However, most exchange students will agree that spending time in their host city and making friends at their exchange institution is just as (if not more) important than travelling.

Myth: They’re all rich kids

This one is definitely not true: exchange students are students too! The cost of exchange varies significantly based on factors like the location, length of stay and how the exchange program is set up. Furthermore, many universities offer scholarships specifically for students going on exchange. So, while studying abroad can be a financial weight to take on, it’s not just for the rich kids.

Myth: They don’t actually care about school; they’re just interested in having fun

Exchange students want to have fun just like any other student but it doesn’t mean school means any less to us! Studying abroad is about what the name implies, studying and learning both academically and on a personal level. One of the most exciting parts about studying abroad is the opportunity to learn in a different academic setting, for some students in a different language too. Also, to be accepted into most exchange programs you have be in good academic standing with your home university so, while having a good time is important to us, continuing to get good grades is as well.

Myth: They only hang out with other exchange students

Often the first people that an exchange student meets are other exchange students or international students. It’s sort of inevitable during the international student welcomes and many of the introduction meetings you have to attend, but other exchange students are definitely not the only people we hang out with! Many exchange students decide to live in halls and we attend lectures with other students too, so like anyone we make friends with all kinds of people. At the end of the day, most exchange students don’t really mind if you’re another exchange student or domestic student, we’re just happy to be friends.

Myth: All they talk about is our home country

Home is somewhere that is near and dear to our hearts so I will admit that this one can be kind of true. Sometimes, talking about home is just a great way for us to break into conversation with a new person but I promise we do have lots of other things to talk about!

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Caity Lee

Nottingham '19

Caity is currently an exchange student at the University of Nottingham (UK) where she is completing her third year in law and legal studies. She is originally from just outside of Toronto, Ontario and while one of her favourite words is in fact "eh," she can't speak French very well or play ice hockey.
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