13 Reasons Why I Had Problems With 13 Reasons Why

'13 Reasons Why' is that show you probably heard of for causing a whole lot of controversy, but in the end it wasn’t even that great. I’m not saying it’s a bad show, because Netflix hosts a lot worse, but with its strong, in-your-face approach to suicide, it had some issues.

1. The violence

I understand why it is in the show, the producers wanted to program to be as realistic, true to life, and unromanticised as possible, but I still feel it went a bit to the extremes. I had to stop watching the suicide scene as it was just a step too far, a more subtle approach could have been taken and would have been just as, if not more, effective. I know suicide isn’t pretty but I really understand the need for the trigger warnings now. Leading onto my next point;

2. The lack of trigger warnings

Yes, to be fair to Netflix, they have fixed this issue, but for any initial viewers the lack of warning would have been a bit of a shocking experience, especially for those dealing with mental health.

3. The pace

Clay listens to those tapes that probably only have 10-15 minutes of speech on at the pace of a snail. It worked at the start when everyone talks to Clay about not reaching ‘the party tape’ and the audience is in the same position, so we are involved, but then it becomes infuriating. His reasoning is his anxiety won’t let him listen to it, just seemed like a bit of lazy writing by some tapes being dragged out to lengthen the series.

4. Hannah

I don’t know if this was just me but I didn’t particularly like the girl. By no means should the things that happened have happened to her leading to the suicide, but she seems to push everyone away as easily as they bully her.

5. Zach

He didn’t deserve a tape, or the public shaming in the lunch hall. He was just another contributing factor for Hannah, but I think to say this boy who stole her compliments and was just trying to do the right thing all along, is a reason for suicide is quite wrong.

6. Clay

He gets his own tape, really? To even implicate him slightly is outrageous. She made his life worse if anything came out of this.

7. Mr. Porter

So you’re thinking he should have contacted someone about Hannah’s rape. Probably. But flip it around. A student has visited him, slightly mentioned she may have been involved in a sexual result, but will refuse to give a name. What is he meant to have done with that information? And then to put the ultimate blame onto him as the straw that broke the camel’s back by not coming out of his office to come and run after Hannah is disgusting.

8. The last episode

Due to the slow pace, the last episode was so rushed and filled with unfinished plot holes, I could hack a couple but they were either leaving a horrendous ending or gambling on a season 2.

9. Season 2

The show was renewed for a second season, with reports claiming that Hannah’s ghost will be in it, but ultimately what is 13 Reasons Why without the tapes of the dead girl? The impact of the last episode is lost when it gets franchised out to more stories than it can handle.

10. Hannah’s Reasoning 2.0

The whole concept is flawed so it gets another reason. To blame your own death on your friend for slapping you in a petty fight is ludicrous.

11. Clay’s Cut

Ok I get it, the cut on his forehead shows when it’s a flashback and when it's not. For the budget this show had, the cut looks like its infected 24/7 whilst also looking like you could peel it off at the same time.

12. Plot

You get nothing out of watching this other than shocked and sad. The plot escalates but has no clear finish. ALL SPOILERS AHEAD – A school shooting is beginning, Justin leaves with a gun, Alex tries to kill himself or is shot, the villainous rapist has a great time, and we all watch a girl kill herself. END SPOILERS.

13. Mental Illness

Like seriously. If you’re going to do a ballsy show about mental illness in young people – why not address it rather than glorify it with graphic scenes. Not once do these kids discuss the issues other than saying how sad it is. The show offers such a huge platform to discuss the problems many young people face and then ignores it and turns it into a teen drama.

Edited by Nicole Swain