10 Things to Expect On Your First Day At Uni

It’s a big day, your first day at uni. You’ve been building up to it for months and you are about to bubble over with excitement. It’s a day like no other, so if you’re a little bit apprehensive and don’t know what to expect, here’s a handy list of stuff that will definitely happen on your first day!


1.       You will be beyond terrified

It sounds obvious, but most people are excited about going to uni. That’s until the night before, however! As soon as I woke up on my first day I felt sick with nerves and as we finally pulled up outside Ancaster Hall I flat out refused to get out of the car. My dad then proceeded to drag me into my new room, and forced me to make friends with the bunch of equally terrified students sharing my corridor. Whatever you think – nerves are normal and everyone is nervous. Yes, even that guy who looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model with even bigger suitcases than you.


2.       You will forget everyone’s names instantly

Prepare yourself for that awkward chat, one week in, where you know everything about your new best friend except their name. Handy tips are asking if they have any nicknames and deducing their name from the list they hopefully provide, or making sure to listen in if they introduce themselves to anyone. If all else fails, drop your own name into conversation by referring to yourself in the third person and keep your fingers crossed they return the favour.


3.       You will spend the whole day feeling generally awkward

There isn’t really much to do, but no-one wants to suggest anything because OBVIOUSLY that would make everyone hate them. On my first night of uni we had nothing else to do so we went to bed at 9pm! Needless to say, it was many months before we went to bed that early again!


4.       You will bond over the weirdest things

I offered my neighbours chocolate digestives and our friendship was cemented instantly. My friend Cat ended up making tea for her entire corridor and another friend found herself signed up to a washing up rota within an hour of moving in. However it is you bond, you’ll think back to it as your friendship strengthens and laugh.


5.       You will have forgotten something essential

Mine was my duvet, which actually turned into a great excuse for us to go into Nottingham and explore the town. Helpful for making friends are a doorstop and a packet of biscuits. Also, even if you’re catered, bring cutlery – trying to eat Shreddies out of a jug with a ruler might have been hilarious for my friends, but it got pretty messy for me.


6.       You will be left dying of embarrassment because of your parents

Everyone’s mum cried but my mum went one step further and insisted that we have a photo-shoot outside the main entrance to the hall. My friend Florence says her first memory is of me grimacing, standing with my mum in the middle of the entrance hall as my dad took the obligatory photo.


7.       You won’t necessarily get wasted

I arrived to uni on a Sunday and so the first night we didn’t go out. It was however the only night I didn’t go out in Freshers' Week. So enjoy the first night of uni and the calm, sober atmosphere – it won’t last.


8.       You might meet Prince Charming

Ok, so the chances are pretty slim and it took me a lot longer than a day to meet my Prince Charming, but it could happen! I know couples whose eyes met on the first day and the flame is still burning bright. So don’t turn up in your slobs, girls – you never know who will be living next door.


9.       You will have a fantastic day

Don’t panic! It’s ok to be nervous, but everyone else will be just as apprehensive and homesick as you. Hold in there – it gets better I promise! On my first day someone jokingly told me I’d have no friends at uni, and now that guy is one of my closest friends. In the words of the great Bob Marley, “everything’s gonna be alright”.


10.   You will remember nothing

I frequently have to ask my friends what we actually did in Week One. The first day passes in a blur and before you realise it will be the first day of second year (which, take it from me, is even more nerve-racking than first year – a house! Bills! Cooking!). And that really awkward thing you just said to that totally cute guy down the hall? He won’t remember – promise!


Edited by Sam Carey