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Surviving Midterms: Tips from a Senior

Over the past four years I cannot say that I have truly ever really mastered the midterm, in many ways the hardest tests on campus. Though finals prove a significant challenge and weigh into your grade, midterms pose the ridiculous challenge of balancing regular coursework as well.

  1. Eat and Train like this is Your Big Week

I know it sounds crazy, but really truly it helps to eat healthily. I know, I know that mac and cheese calls my name too. But your body, and more importantly your brain, will thank you. Spring Break will provide plenty of time to eat what you want! (Yay!!) Training doesn’t have to be anything crazy- even doing a couple of pushups or going for a five minute run can help you destress. It can be hard to schedule time for all you have to do, but treat exercise like mealtime just something you got to do.

2. Snacks, snacks, snacks!!

Don’t have to be anything special, but man oh man do little snacks feel like little treats of pure joy. I swear after doing nothing but after reading and reading and reading even fruit snacks are like little packets of fun!

3. Notecards are your Best Friends

Embrace the nerd! Notecards and color coding are wonderful beautiful things. Handwriting helps you to remember and color coding helps you put them in order. The cards make it easy to remember. Even if you don’t do notecards, consider writing out your study guide (I say to myself).

4. Turn to your friends

Maybe you’re not a talker, maybe you are. But a good call home can be comforting, and if not home your friends around you DEFINITELY get it. It can just be nice to get a different perspective and think about something outside of Notre Dame.

5. Sleep

I know, I know. I’m not asking for that unobtainable 8 hours but ensuring you get at least 6 hours is essential. You just gotta do it.

6. Don’t be afraid to cry

I swear it helps!


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