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As someone with a Type A personality, I want all things in my life to be under control and done efficiently and effectively. Placing high demands on myself to constantly do this in all areas of my life leaves me feeling a bit out of control sometimes. Here are some tips to regain a sense of control you need to be successful:

Take time to reach out to someone to start or end your day

One thing that helps me feel more in control is reaching out to someone at the end of my night, either by writing a letter or sending a heartfelt message. Knowing that I have enough time to make others feel loved reminds me that I have time for everything else in my life too.

Always put things away after right after using them

This one is a game-changer. It is easy to come into your room after a busy day and drop all your things and immediately get right to your next task. The truth is: putting things away, like your shoes or your coat, or washing your dishes only takes a few moments. The weight of knowing you have yet to do these things will inhibit your productivity later – plus, knowing you have accomplished some quick tasks will boost your dopamine levels and leave you feeling happier and ready to do more!

Organize your things

In order to effectively put things away after using them, you must first have an organized space to put those things back into. While having a large organization project can seem daunting and like a waste of time, the reward is high. Your mind will be clearer, and your productivity will increase.

Go through your emails once a day

We are constantly being inundated with emails – plenty of them are useless and plenty of them are important. Staying on top of emails can be a challenge, but, dedicating a set time of day to quickly go through the emails makes reading them a more manageable task. Best of all, if you stick to this plan, you will never have to deal with having to go through months of never-ending emails, and you won’t miss important information!

Don’t leave texts awaiting replies for more than 24 hours

There is rarely a reason when responding to a text requires more than 24 hours for you to develop a proper response. I am not saying that texts need to be replied to instantly, but the longer you wait, the more guilt you feel about having not replied. Even if you do not know the answer right away, a quick “I’ll find out and get back to you on that” can help you feel more in control.

Hopefully one or all these tips spoke to you and will help you regain a sense of control so you can keep on doing amazing things in this world! As always, keep loving yourself and others always.



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Victoria Lyczak

Notre Dame '24

Victoria Lyczak is a first-year student at the University of Notre Dame where she plans to study management consulting and theology. She is a lover of organization, fashion, hair, makeup, and all things that have to do with singing, dancing, and choreographing. She also loves making and eating all kinds of baked goods and desserts.
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