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Purely Pressed: The Freshest Spot on Eddy Street

If you are a lover of Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls and all things açaí, then get very excited because Purely Pressed has been welcomed to the elite club that is Eddy Street Restaurants. This locally owned juice bar formerly known as Simply Pressed has a location in Granger and is expanding to meet the demand of the college market surrounding Eddy Street. Their menu offers an array of juices, smoothies, salads, coffee and the famous smoothie bowl.  Before I continue, I think it is important for you to know that I am a huge Purely Pressed fan. I have converted all of my six siblings/multiple friends to being loyal customers and I never miss an opportunity to Snapchat or Instagram story my smoothie bowl (which is ironic because I literally get the same thing every time). So that’s a little heads up on my personal bias and my application to be a brand ambassador. 

Anyway, Purely Pressed offers you a healthier food option when you’re sick of the dining hall and in the mood to treat yo self. All of their items are made with organic ingredients that are good for you and taste amazing. I personally love the smoothie bowls and will get those for breakfast, lunch or even a snack if I’m really feeling it. While I personally have never done this, my one friend swears by their mason jar salads and says she will buy one and then take it with her to work or class as a quick little pre-prepared lunch. Let’s not forget about the smoothies. Feeling adventurous? Try the E3 LIVE. In the mood for dessert? Get the Banana Bread smoothie — yes you read that correctly. A BANANA BREAD SMOOTHIE! An added bonus is the fact that Purely Pressed has the most photogenic products South Bend has to offer, which you might not be super excited about; but trust me, when you get a naturally blue or hot pink smoothie, your inner food blogger will be unleashed. 

Another thing that I adore about the new Eddy Street location is that it is such a cute space. There is a very bright yet minimalistic vibe in the restaurant, so I could easily see it becoming a popular space to do homework, study or catch up with friends (petition to replace awkward dining hall dates with Purely Pressed plans?). I live in Welsh Fam so I know that I have the extra advantage of living closer to Eddy Street, but I’ve timed it and it only takes about six minutes to walk there from DPAC and about 13 from DeBart, so keep that in mind if you have awkward lunch breaks in between classes. 

If you haven’t caught on by now, you should go to Purely Pressed’s new location on Eddy Street. I think it’s great, but if you still don’t believe me even after I just gave a 500-word glowing review, go try it for yourself! Oh, and don’t forget to start your food blogger career by posting your artsy photos. ;)

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Photos 1, 2 and 3 provided by Purely Pressed’s Instagram (@purelypressedjuice

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