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How Prayer Has Helped Me More This Year Than Ever

College life can be hard. There’s late nights, busy days, not enough time to catch up with friends, and the occasional (or routine) meltdown. It might sound cliche, but what has helped me handle all of the chaos this year more than ever is turning to God and prayer. Here’s how prayer has helped shape me into a more confident, trusting, and meditative person this year.

1. Being confident

If you think about it, most of us have probably offered up a quick prayer before a difficult exam or task. We feel like we’re hanging onto faith by that small thread. If we could just ask for help, we could achieve our best score or knock that presentation out of the park. This year, I purchased The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations by Joyce Meyers and it has changed my daily routine and sense of self immensely. You can order it here. Each day presents a new Bible passage relevant to women and the challenges we face every day in order to grow. Spending even just five minutes in the morning with God through this devotional has brought me closer to Him and given me the confidence to conquer anything that faces me during the week.

2. Feeling humble

I have always thought that humility is an excellent virtue to have. When you are humbled, you put the immense size of the world into perspective. Praying more often this year has given me the time and opportunity to think about how small I am compared to the huge world we live in. I’ve thought more about helping others and less about my small problems like having to turn in an assignment or study. At least I get to attend this amazing school!


3. Separating my failures from my identity

This can be a tough one, but prayer has certainly helped me to look beyond my failures and not let them define me. Failing and sinning are both natural parts of life. Without them, we wouldn’t be human! God accepts us as we are, and if we ask Him for forgiveness, we can move on from the obstacles and focus on becoming a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday.


4. Trusting

Putting trust in things/people has always been another thing I struggle with. I have a very hard time “letting go and letting God”. I can especially see how this would be difficult for people with anxiety. Although I don’t suffer from anxiety, I do know that when I sit down with the Lord and talk to Him about what’s heavy on my heart, I feel like I have someone to trust in and guide me through whatever is bothering me.


5. Meditation

Prayer is, of course, another form of meditation. Prayer doesn’t have to involve spoken word or reading the Bible. Sometimes I will sit in silence, stare at the beauty of nature, or just exist for a minute in the melody of a song. God is in everything, and if we just stop to notice Him, we will be able to feel our stress and worries fade.


If you’re feeling like you need to take a step back from life, gain confidence, or put your trust in something, I highly suggest turning to God if you feel compelled to do so. It has done wonders for me this year and I hope it can help you in some way, too!


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