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At this point in the semester, the vast majority of our days have been warm and sunny. Honestly, I would say that the weather has been perfect, and this is unbelievably rare for South Bend weather. Even though it’s mid-September, we’ve only gotten to cheer on our football team for two games. Although, what’s most impressive in my books is how I’ve only had to use my umbrella one day so far. With all of that in mind, I think the pressing question is: How the heck are midterms already here? 

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Time has really flown by this semester. It feels like yesterday when I got so excited as my family’s car drove up to the Dome after months of sitting in my room during quarantine. I couldn’t wait to be back on campus and see my friends in-person again. The weather in early August was beautiful, and it almost didn’t feel real when I ran into people I hadn’t seen since last semester. Sure, things aren’t the same. DHDs look a little different, and I can’t take naps in my friends’ dorms anymore. Still, it was a euphoric experience coming back to Notre Dame this fall. 

Yet, midterms are here, my friends. I can’t tell you how many times my friends have told me about all of the midterms they have coming up these past two weeks, and it blows my mind that they’re already here. I was so excited to be back that I spent the first half of this semester enjoying being back at Notre Dame and forgot that I actually have schoolwork to do. Sure, I’ve been doing my homework and studying for exams and papers, but Sylly Week is long gone. The stress of academic work is starting to get real during this time of the year, and the fact that we’re already halfway through the semester before it’s even October is seriously messing with all of our minds. 

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This is also the time of the year when us Notre Dame students remember just how much Fall Break is needed for our sanity. I will gladly trade Fall Break for an in-person semester, but I also think that we all need to push ourselves a little harder this semester. Without a week after midterms that allows us to pretend like we have no responsibilities, we have to strive to keep ourselves and each other accountable for our studies. Not only do we have to be more aware in our social lives as we navigate this COVID-19 world, but we also need to be more aware of our study practices as well. Organize some study breaks with your friends, or better yet, study with your friends! 

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In the spirit of midterms, here are some final tips for all of you:

  1. Don’t drink coffee the night before an exam. You will not wake up in the right mood the next morning.

  2. Put some music on in the background to keep you focused while you’re studying.

  3. Study outside! You should enjoy the weather while it lasts, and there’s less to get distracted by when you’re outside.

  4. Remember that midterms aren’t the end of the world, and do not let this drain you for this rest of the semester. You’re going to do great!

Go Irish, Beat Midterms!


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