Feeling Overwhelmed?

Do you have too much to do and not enough time? Or are you just feeling overwhelmed in general? This past week was very suffocating for me and I bet there are quite a few of you out there feeling the same way. Here is a list of things you can do to slow things down and get your feet back underneath you…

  1. 1. Take a Deep Breath

    First and foremost, breathe. Sometimes when we get carried away, our breathing becomes uneasy. Focus on your breathing; inhale and count to four, then exhale and count to four. Keep doing this until your mind is blank and you can think clearly. Focusing on your breathing can really help you calm down and find your way back to reality.

  2. 2. Call Mom

    Mamas always have a way of putting things in perspective or just reminding you that you are loved. Call your mom, please.

  3. 3. Gratitude Walk 

    Whether you actually get up to walk or just lay in bed, take time to be mindfully thankful. Be thankful for your family and friends. Be thankful for this life. Be thankful for your opportunities that many don’t have. Think about them and never forget them. Reminding ourselves what is important in life can help shape our perspective, especially during stressful and overwhelming times.

  4. 4. Take a Nap 

    You’re not your best when you’re tired. So instead of pushing through while exhausted, take time to nap. You can thank me later.

  5. 5. Exercise 

    Working out can be very therapeutic. If you haven’t tried this yet, I highly recommend it.  

  6. 6. Face Mask 

    Who doesn’t love a good face mask? Put your hair up, put on your favorite face mask and just relax for those 10-15 minutes. Maybe watch a Netflix show or take this time to be mindfully thankful, whatever is going to help YOU.  

  7. 7. Be in the Moment

    When your brain is running a mile a minute and you can’t stop thinking of everything you have to do, be where your feet are. Don’t get too ahead of yourself. Instead, just enjoy the moment you are in. You only get to live this exact moment once in your entire life, so make it worthwhile. 

  8. 8. Clean/Organize 

    Okay, wait, give me a chance here. I know cleaning can be a drag, BUT organizing your school work and cleaning your room can also organize and clean your brain. Give it a shot.

  9. 9. Write Stuff Down 

    Did something good happen today? Write it down. Something bad happen? Write it down. Writing things down on paper can help you slow down and organize your thoughts. 

Just remember life is tough, but we are all getting through it together. Take time for yourself when things get too chaotic. Your wellbeing matters!!