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Hey there, readers! I don’t know if you’re in the fall mood as much as I am, but the temperature is dropping more and more every day and the leaves are turning colors. Fall is definitely here! It makes me want to run to the nearest coffee shop, grab a good book, and just relax all day while simultaneously being surrounded by the warm smell of pumpkin spice. I’ve been longing for this time to come. And what better way to celebrate than to take a break from the hard work you’ve been doing and go home for fall break or chill on campus?  No obligations — it’s about time we all had a relaxing week off! If you’re not so sure how to spend your time during fall break, I’ve got it covered! Keep reading for 10 fall break tips that are sure to make your time off even more memorable!

1. Go to a pumpkin patch

I think pumpkin patch visits are the best way to start any fall break. I mean, who doesn’t love drinking apple cider and picking pumpkins in the crisp breeze? Crazy people, that’s who! If you’re anywhere in the South Bend area, there’s a really cute place called Thistleberry Farm. My dorm section took a trip there last weekend and it was a blast. We picked precious little pumpkins, ate delicious donuts, and relaxed in such a comfy atmosphere. It’s a fun activity when you’re out with friends on campus during break!

2. Have a coffee date with your boyfriend/girlfriend

When the weather starts to get chilly, there’s nothing better than sipping on a warm cup of coffee with your sweetie. Play a little game: order each other’s coffee, but not their usual. Maybe choose a seasonal cup of joe and see how your significant other likes it! If it’s a disaster, then it’s something to laugh about. Hopefully you’ll both discover a new favorite flavor, though. :)

3. Sleep in

We’re all feeling a little sleep-deprived after midterms week. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Can I get an amen? Feel free to hit the snooze button. You deserve your beauty sleep.

4. Visit your high school

Reminiscing on the days at your alma mater can be super fun if you’re able to take a trip back home! Visit your favorite teachers and try to see how many differences you can point out since you’ve been gone. Everyone there will more than likely be so happy to see you and catch up on your busy/awesome new life in college!

5. Stay up late talking with your best friends from home

It can be hard being away from your best friends back home. Whether you’re able to visit them or not, chances are you’re going to have a lot more time for those late night Facetime calls/texts. Turn it into a real slumber party and watch some Netflix together or just take the time to call and catch up on each other’s life. Remind them that they’re still special to you even if they happen to be far away!

6. Go shopping for new sweaters/jackets/boots

We may just be getting into the swing of fall, but before you know it, South Bend will be COLD. Treat yourself and stock up on a ton of sweaters and coats. You’ll be needing them soon! We could all use an excuse to go shopping, anyway.

7. Go to the park

Everything is just so lovely in the fall. I can’t help but look around at all the leaves changing and just be thankful for everything I have. One of my favorite things about where I’m from is the beautiful parks. Going on long walks can help clear the mind. It’s a wonderful meditative practice. I recommend going on a morning jog in the park when it’s a bit more chilly. The cold air sends a rush to your skin and wakes you up, plus you get to enjoy the beauty around you while you exercise!

8. Meditate with the warmth of a fall-scented candle

So I recently took a trip to Bath and Body Works. Let me tell you, the fall scented candles that are out right now are HEAVENLY. Try for scents like caramel, apple, pumpkin, and woods. Filling your living space with earthy scents gives you some inner peace and can help you to focus on the positive. Turn on some smooth music and just be present. Take a timeout from your busy life and exist for a while.

9. Paint your nails a new fall color

I’m one of those people who isn’t happy unless my nails are painted. I feel incomplete, almost naked, without nail polish on. I’m crazy about the Essie fall colors that are out right now. Choose a deep burgundy or neutral gray that can be paired with anything. Every time you look down at your fresh manicure, you’ll feel like you can conquer anything you face during the day (at least I do)! Maybe treat yourself to a manicure at the nail salon. Time isn’t an excuse when you’re on break!

10. Spend time with your family watching football/having family dinner/just being happy

I’m most looking forward to seeing my family and spending time with them over break. Help make your favorite home-cooked meals, watch some football, have Halloween movie marathons, and just cuddle up by the people who mean the most to you. They’ve missed you so much while you’ve been gone, so show them some love!

I hope you have a wonderful break!! Take advantage of these 10 tips and any more you can think of to make the most of your time off. It will go by fast, so savor every moment and get in the fall spirit! Cheers!


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