DART for Success: Tips on Class Registration

Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner which, aside from great food and an excuse to go home, can only mean one thing: registering for classes. For freshmen this can be a particularly stressful time since it will be the first time doing so. But don’t fret, because I’ve got the ultimate guide to having an easy and stress-free DARTing experience.

Plan your schedule ahead of time

It goes without saying that you should check what classes you should take each semester and plan accordingly. If you want the best teachers, ask around. Upperclassmen are a great resource for determining which teachers are best. You can also check ndtoday.com for student-written reviews on a majority of professors and the courses they teach. I’ve always used NDToday as a tool when choosing classes; however, some of my friends say they have been misled, so proceed with caution.

Be prepared for disappointment

Unless you have one of the first DART times, chances are some of your classes will be full by the time it’s your turn to register. Always have one or two backup schedules in case your first one isn’t possible.

Be organized

As soon as I have all of my possible schedules, I like writing them down in a Word Doc with the CRNs included. This will allow you to register as fast as possible since all you will have to do is copy and past them onto the boxes provided.

Keep your registration PIN handy

DO NOT LOSE YOUR PIN! Your advisors will tell you that if you lose your pin you will have no way of getting it. I think they tell you this to scare you because one of my friends lost hers last year and was able to get it from her advisor. However, you should still do your best at keeping it safe so as to avoid any stress or inconveniences. If you are not the most organized, take a picture of it or email the pin to yourself that way you will know where it is.

Wake up early

You should aim to get up at least 15 minutes before your time to register. This way you can go on Class Search and check if there are still open spots for the classes you want. If some are full, you’ll have plenty of time to either decide on one of your alternate schedules or see if another time slot or class fits in with your first choice.

Copy and paste

I’ve found that the most efficient way to register quickly is to have everything typed into your computer, including your registration pin. The moment your DART time starts simply copy and paste your pin to enter, and then copy and paste your CRNs, and you will be done in a minute!

The more times you DART the easier it gets, so don’t stress if your first time doesn’t go as planned. You’ll be a pro in no time!

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