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5 Things to Do on a Friday Night

Have you ever just felt like staying in on a Friday night, but decided against it because you thought you wouldn’t have fun? Well, check out these five things that you can do on a Friday night, so you can stay in and have fun!


1. Card/board games

By far the most important skill to develop: getting so good at card games and playing so intensely you might rip your friends’ heads off… but not quite.

Card games are cheesy, but also a blast. The friendly competition and the atmosphere of being surrounded by your best friends is unbeatable. Bump some music, play traditional games, or get cheeky and play some tell-all gossip games. No matter what you play, you’ll be sure to have the best night of your life.

This doesn’t look intense enough…

2. Girls’ night

Girls’ night usually consists of dressing up and hitting the town with your group of girlfriends. Take a new approach by staying in and pampering yourselves! Give massages, paint your nails, drink some wine. Watch the latest and greatest chick-flick on Netflix, or stick with the classics. You can stay in pajamas and make it a party, or dress yourselves up and feel #flawless.

Girls’ nights are much-needed getaways from your hectic college life, so take the time to relax and have a little girl talk. Your best friends are your best friends for a reason!

Mud masks are bae

3.  Food.

There is nothing better than food. Period.

Make a night all about that food. Invite some friends, or have a little me-time. Get some take-out, or try that new red velvet brownie recipe you found on Pinterest. My favorite thing to do is make ice cream: sometimes difficult, but there are no-churn recipes out there! Do a little exploring, and give your taste buds a treat.

I might have just died by the gloriousness of these cupcakes

4. Pinterest DIYs

Speaking of Pinterest, you know that latest DIY you pinned? A Friday night in is the perfect time to bust out your creativity and give it a whirl! Yes, usually DIYs never come out as good as the Pinterest pic, but there’s always the opportunity to laugh at your epic fail.

If you are actually a craft genius- perfect! Take it up a notch and try something a little more difficult, such as these melted crayon paintings or the state-shaped wall art.

Cute, yeah?

I love California DIY. Check out this awesome post for more ideas.

5. Sleep

When was the last time you actually got a peaceful 8-10 hours of sleep?

Oh wait- never.

For me, the most self-indulgent thing I can partake in is sleeping the day away. I never feel more refreshed than when I wake up without the help of an alarm clock with 9 hours of sleep under my belt. This cold weather basically commands you to stay inside, so take advantage, Lady Domers!

Put that sleeping mask on and hit the hay! (or put on lipstick?)


Remember Lady Domers, it’s nice to be nice!

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