5 Life Lessons from Boxing

This week concluded the 2013 season of ND’s women’s boxing club, aka “Baraka Bouts.” Most people hear about Baraka Bouts on campus as the female version of men’s Bengal Bouts. As a novice who’s just completed her first year in the women’s program, I can firmly tell you that Baraka Bouts is more than just “Bengal Bouts for girls.” In many ways, it’s a training program for every punch life will throw at you.

1. You learn how to harness your strengths.

Has running always been your thing? Your stamina will outlast your opponent’s in the ring. Do you pride yourself on your defined arm muscles? Your punches will leave your opponent reeling. Whatever your strength, you’ll identify it quickly because you unconsciously rely on it. Which in turn helps you recognize what you’re not so good at...

2. You learn how to lose. And be a good sport about it.

Recognizing your weaknesses comes just as easily as soon as you’re sparring (practice-fighting) a more experienced boxer. Being punched is one of the most humbling feelings in the world (unless it hurts—most of the time it doesn’t!). As badass as it may feel to hit someone in the face, that’s only half the story of the sport. With boxing, you learn how to lose sometimes without letting it consume you.

3. You learn the true meaning of “getting into shape.”

In Baraka Bouts, we did it all—running, jump-roping, push-ups, jumps-squats, burpees, and more. For comparison, think about the Insanity workouts. It’s that hard—and that entertaining.

4. You learn how to listen.

Boxing is all about muscle memory. You listen to technique pointers from your coaches and practice them again and again and again. The more you box, the more in-tune you become to what your body is doing, and to what your opponent is doing.

5. You learn where to find serenity.

Boxing is about the connection of mind and body, and the translation of what you think to what you do. If you’re reading this, the chances are you’ve considered boxing at ND at some point. I hesitated my freshman year, and only wish now that I had begun earlier!  It’ll be three months of your life that you won’t regret.   


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