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4 Problems with Fall and How to Tackle Them

Finally, the beloved fall season is upon us! It is a time when we can comfortably wear sweaters without actually sweating, our already beautiful campus begins to look like it is covered in a mosaic blanket of fallen leaves and pumpkin spice is back in style. Although autumn is arguably one of the best seasons, it comes with some setbacks. The following four problems are some of the most dreaded issues with this season; but luckily, there are ways to combat them and enjoy fall to the fullest! 


Mid-Semester Slump

If you are at the point in the semester where your summer glow is starting to fade, you feel your self confidence slowly falling in accordance with the temperature and the stress of midterms or group project due dates are all you can think about, you're most likely experiencing the effects of the all-too-common mid-semeter slump. We all experience it in one way or another, but luckily there is a simple solution. SELF CARE. Focus on yourself for once! Bring your glow back by self tanning, prevent dry skin from colder temperatures with a hydrating face mask to rejuvenate the bounce of your skin, spend some time filling out your planner to prevent stress with deadlines and exams and most importantly, get enough sleep! 

Cabin Fever

If you've been spending countless hours in the library preparing for midterms or just haven’t been getting as much vitamin D as needed, spend some time outside! The weather is ideal for a long run around the lakes, talking to your mom on the phone while basking in the glory of our beautiful campus on God Quad and studying in the fresh air, either outside of the bookstore on the terrace or Geddes porch. 

Cold Season

This is the time where our lecture halls start to seem like quarantine rooms. Coughing is ever present, sneezes explode from every direction and the fear of waking up with a scratchy throat is shockingly legitimate. Stay ahead of the game! It is possible to avoid sickness if you take the right measures. Invest in some Vitamin-C packets to drink when you start to feel symptoms approaching, carry hand sanitizer in your backpack for convenience, try to avoid sharing drinks, drink a lot of water and most importantly (once again), get enough sleep!

Lack of Motivation

Do you ever feel like you’ve worked so hard that you can’t imagine putting in the same amount of effort all over again for the second half of the semester? It happens to everyone! Notre Dame is an academically rigorous school–this is an experience to be expected. Just know that you can do it and that there are ways to remotivate! One of the easiest ways to keep up the good work is by treating yourself! There is no better way to justify giving a gift to yourself than by doing it as a reward. Get an A on an exam? Buy yourself a nice fall-scented candle. Finished applying to summer internships? Go get a nice meal off campus. Retail therapy works, my friends!

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Caroline Halliwell

Notre Dame '22

Caroline Halliwell is currently an Undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame as a Finance major with a minor in Real Estate. She is from Des Moines, Iowa, making her a proud resident of the Midwest who will forever say pop instead of soda. On campus, she works for the Notre Dame Football Team in recruiting and is involved in Student International Business Council, Undergraduate Women in Business, and her dorm's Women’s Wellness Committee and flag football team. She loves hot yoga, singing karaoke with her friends, drinking iced coffee, and traveling.
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