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Spring Style Guide

Robins are chirping, purple flowers are blooming everywhere, Evanston is seeing its first days above 50 degrees in months, and you suddenly realize that you’re still wearing your cable-knit tights and oversized sweater!  In a part of the country where the seasons seem to blur together, it’s easy to miss mother nature’s memo about transitioning your wardrobe into the new season.  Never fear, here are some great ways to bring your favorite winter pieces into your new spring style, and some spring wardrobe staples that you may want to add to your closet (and where to find them)! 

Those knee-high leather riding boots looked great during the winter, paired with leggings, a chunky-knit sweater, an oversized scarf, and a cape.  Well, your feet’s best friends can stick around for another season!  Ditch the heavy knits and tuck away those tights and leggings and pair your favorite boots with a sundress for a tried-and-true simple spring day look.

And that trusty blazer that added a polish to every outfit?  That can stay too!  After a season of hiding under puffers and trenches, let your blazer take center stage as the outermost layer of your outfit.  A great substitute for the typical light spring jacket, cuff up the sleeves of your blazer to add some seasonally-appropriate polish to your spring ensembles.

Every spring, I find myself in a scarf debaucle.  My favorite winter scarves are too heavy, and I find myself (begrudgingly) having to look for new options.  Fashion takes the place of function when shopping for spring scarves.  These scarves aren’t meant to keep you warm, but to give your outfit an extra punch!  Keep an eye out for gauzy fabrics, jersey knits, and funky prints that will add interest to your outfit without bogging you down with their weight.

Cute spring scarves that will last you years (trust me on this one) can be found at the Gap, like this one:

The maxi-dress is another staple of spring/summer fashion.  The easiest outfit ever: slip one of these dresses on, strap on some cute sandals, and you’re good to go!  The maxi dress shopping expierience is very much based on trial-and-error.  Every dress is cut differently and length is always a huge factor – it’s different for everyone!

Luckily, Urban Outfitters has a huge selection of maxi dresses.  I’m only 5 feet tall and was able to find something that worked!  Pro tip: Don’t rule out a dress based on length until you consider your footwear options (wedges can be your best friend)!  Check out this cute dress from UO:

This spring, don’t forget to go back to the basics.  Basic tanks and v-necks in solid colors and breathable fabrics are essential for the warmer months and let you spice up your outfits with colorblocking, funky skirts, and patterned shorts.  American Apparel in downtown Evanston definitely fits the bill as far as shopping for basics goes!

Most of AA’s basics are 100% cotton, which you’ll be thankful for on those warmer days.  Even better, they sell many of their basic items in bulk packs of three with a total cost that ends up being cheaper than if you had bought each item seperately!

Spicing up your spring wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank.  Use your imagination to bring your favorite winter wardrobe pieces into the new season.  Combining your tried-and-true wardrobe favorites with a few new spring staples is a surefire way to stay looking cool – no matter how hot it gets!


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