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Original photo by Molly Van Gorp

The Most Elite Petals on the Market: A Review of the Eternal Fleur Rose

In celebrary circles, every birthday, album release, fashion show success, engagement, anniversary and collab effort seems to be accompanied by a flood of Instagram story content and a spectacular floral arrangement. Clips of celebs panning over hundreds of monochrome roses frequent my feed, and I’m certainly not complaining. All those velvety petals nestled in satin trimmed, silver lined boxes is just . . . satisfying. Have you ever wondered who the master mind is behind these perfectly symmetric arrangements? I did. And my curiosity led me to the gates of the real life Secret Garden.

We have luxurious clothes, cars, bags, perfumes, ice cube trays . . . and now, thanks to Eternal Fleur Founder Amanda Wojtas, boujee botany. With the help of glycerin natural preservatives and Eternal Fleur’s ingenious branding, the passé rose has been elevated to A-list status. It's a glow up that rivals Kylie Jenner’s. 

Eternal Fleur is the New York City based florist responsible for these Hollywood approved arrangements. The Female Founder Collective, e-commerce business produces and sells roses that are guaranteed to last 365+ days without water or sunlight. A feat credited to glycerin, which, according to their website, is “a natural ingredient that is often found in a bar of soap . . . preserv[ing] the DNA of the product-structure.” Beyond it’s impressive shelf life, the roses stand out from the crowd with their delicate, handmade packaging.

For my mom’s birthday, I, of course, wanted to give her the celebrity treatment she deserves. I had my eye on the Mini Bloom in Magenta for quite some time, so I decided that a birthday would be the perfect excuse to experience the famous fleurs for myself. 

And it went like . . . 

  • Shipping

My package arrived in a little over a week. During check out I was pleasantly surprised to learn that emojis can be used on the gift note. So I gleefully added two of my signature pink, yellow sparkle hearts to the custom bday card. 

  • Presentation

The rose arrived in a compact, 6” x 6” box. Inside, my rose was wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and secured to the box’s interior with packing tape. It took me several tries to successfully cut away the tape and gingerly unearth the rose from its plastic cocoon. The Eternel Fleur team really wants to ensure your precious rose arrives safely — something that I greatly appreciate.

  • Look/Durability

The rose is a deep, natural looking magent. It’s petals feel and look no different than a regular rose, although you’re encouraged not to touch the petals in order to elongate the rose's lifespan. The dye job is truly phenomenal. The rose arrived in full bloom, glued to the bottom of a completely translucent acrylic box. What I love most about the Mini Bloom is its fairytale aesthetic. As my grandma remarked, it resembles the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast. But unlike the Beast’s thorny time bomb, the Mini Bloom can be enjoyed beyond the walls of a glass capsule. The acrylic box features a removable top that fits perfectly underneath the structure. The box is rather fragile, although it is sure to fare well on your dresser, vanity or coffee table. 

  • Scent

Sweet and fruity with a hint of tropical nodes: this is how I would describe the fragrance. This single rose has a stronger, not to mention, more exotic scent than a dozen red roses. After almost a month, the scent hasn’t dulled one bit. If you’re looking for eternal beauty, and eternal perfume, this is the rose for you. I can’t even imagine how a twenty plus arrangement must permeate your home. No need for Fabreeze!

  • Rating

I would give this product a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. I love everything about it, from the packaging to the colors and fragrance. Plus, my mom loves it. The price tag, for me, is what docks half a star. It’s rather pricey for only one rose, but their 15% off sales can help with that. If you’re looking for a unique gift, something special to brighten up your room, or want to feel a little glamorous, the Mini Bloom is your go to. 

I’m a sophomore studying political science and international studies. Before beginning college, I spent a year interning for an education nonprofit. I'm passionate about all things lifestyle, particularly fashion and beauty. My ultimate goal is to pursue a career in one of these industries. When I'm not editing for HerCampus, you can find me brunching with family and friends, curating my VSCO, rewatching Gossip Girl, or planning my latest writing project.
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