Meet Campus Job Rep Rachel Rogers!

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Can you explain what is?

Well I am the Northwestern Rep for The Campus Job, and it is basically a website that is a big database of part time jobs and internships offered in the area relative to your specific school based on the school email address you put in. There are plenty of opportunities whether they are paid or unpaid, you can do so many different things from marketing reps to business developing reps and it’s great for your resume.


How did you become a part of The Campus Job?

I actually heard about the website from a friend of mine and signed up to try to find a part time job that I could do in my free time this quarter. When I went on there was an opening to be the marketing representative for The Campus Job here at Northwestern.


What doe your job entail and what can other student expect from jobs they get from The Campus Job?

Well I’m in charge of getting the word out about The Campus Job and just letting students know that this is an option available to them. Like I said before, you can do so many things and dedicate as much time as you’re willing. Each company that posts a job is looking for specific things so it’s important to look at the job descriptions to find something that fits your schedule.


Why should Northwestern students use The Campus Job?

Students are always looking for part time jobs, and these jobs can be really easy. Some jobs pay once you reach a certain number of signups, so it’s up to you how you pace yourself and spread awareness for the company you represent. It’s really easy and a way for Northwestern students to find a job without having to search in multiple locations.


How can students sign up?

They can click this link, and use a school email address to sign up. They will be asked a few questions so that they are offered jobs that relate to their major or their interests!


Tell me an embarrassing story about yourself.

I needed to go to Trader Joes to roast a chicken once so I borrowed my friend’s bike. I hadn't ridden a bike in like 3 years but everyone says, "you never forget how to ride a bike" so I didn't think twice about it and started to ride. I fell down semi-gracefully in front of everyone by Whole Foods, which is quite the popular corner in downtown Evanston. I guess you can forget how to ride a bike.