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Meet The Barre Code Instructor Abby Reisinger!


Name: Abby Reisinger

Year: Junior

Major: Communication Studies & English

Hometown: Urbana, Ohio

The Barre Code is Evanston’s newest workout fitness studio which features a variety of cardio, strength and restorative barre classes. Junior Abby Reisinger is one of new studio’s teachers. 

When did you start taking barre classes and when did you become an instructor?

I started taking barre classes in the fall of my freshman year at the (now-closed) Fit Girl Studio and I was immediately hooked! I had a background in dance, so the precision and grace of the workout instantly clicked with me. I started teaching in October 2013 and my life has never been the same–the job really changes you from the inside out because you have the opportunity to connect with inspiring women who never stop reaching for new heights. I absolutely adore connecting with clients and helping them achieve their goals–I am always excited to go to work and I know how rare that is.

What makes The Barre Code different from the many other studios/gyms in Evanston?

I can honestly say that The Barre Code is one of the most supportive and inspiring communities I have ever been a part of and that is what makes it so special amidst the many other gyms in Evanston. The company focuses on creating a community and a place where clients can challenge themselves to not only be stronger, but to be better versions of themselves. We take the focus off of working out as a “necessity” or a “punishment” and put the focus on fitness as a positive, awesome part of a healthy, full, challenging and engaging life. In a world so concerned with telling women what is wrong with their bodies, it is so nice to have a place to go that celebrates the possibilities of the body to achieve amazing things!

What’s your advice for someone who’s never tried barre before?

If you’ve never tried a barre class before, all you need to be prepared is a mindset that accepts challenges and be ready to discover just how far you can push yourself–be prepared to surprise yourself. That, and a pair of grippy socks, will get you through your first class. I’ll handle the rest of it.

What’s your favorite post-workout snack?

I typically workout super early in the morning (come see me for a 6 a.m. class!), so immediately after class, I head for a giant cup of coffee. After I’ve got caffeine in my veins and I’ve showered, I love to have avocado on toast with a little ground black pepper or a super nutrient-packed smoothie with berries, spinach, banana, pineapple, chia seeds and coconut water.

What’s on your barre class playlist?

The Barre Code is lucky enough to have professional DJs that mix all of our music for us, so I never have to worry about picking the perfect song for class. However, when I’m working out by myself in the weight room or on a long run, nothing pumps me up more than “Big Pimpin'” by Jay-Z, “Our Own House” by MisterWives and, for a super chill stretch, “Tear Down the House” by The Avett Brothers (follow me on Spotify for a bevy of workout playlists!).

What else are you involved with?

When I’m not teaching, I have a wonderfully full life on campus. I’m one of the executive co-chairs for CATalyst, a pre-Wildcat Welcome program; I am the head of Celebrity Relations for Dance Marathon; I was a Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor and I am on the executive board of my sorority. 

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