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Original photo by Jenna Spray

Kellogg Grads Sell Health Coffee Perfect for a Pandemic

It takes a lot for me to want to drink coffee.

As a college student, I’m pretty much on my own in my non-coffee drinking ways. I’m surrounded by my caffeinated peers, and I’ve always wondered what it would take for me to pick up a mug. Last week, I found my answer.

Founded by Kellogg graduate and Doctor of Pharmacy Xiao Zhang, Amasu combines the benefits of drinking coffee (energy) with herbal immune boosters. Its name was created by combining ‘ama,’ a word used in many Asian and European countries to mean ‘mother,’ and ‘su,’ which means ‘purity.’ Amasu modernized and reformulated herbal traditions to prioritize efficient immune systems and high energy.

Three additions to the coffee give it its extra oomph, in layman’s terms. The three ingredients are a 750-year-old Chinese medicinal staple. Their benefits are outlined on Amasu’s website and packaging:

  1. Astragalus – “an adaptogen, known as an immune system booster and disease fighter”
  2. Atractylodes – “promotes blood circulation and immune activity”
  3. Siler – “activates exterior defenses”

As a deep believer in immune system boosters myself, I knew I couldn’t resist trying Amasu. It’s November, and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic—what better time to try it? I integrated the coffee into my morning routine. Within just two days, I felt like I had much more energy during my online classes, and I was sleeping better at night.

For years, my mother has tried to get me to take vitamins and other immune boosters, and I know it’s the same with most parent-child relationships. Switching out your regular coffee for Amasu presents an easy way to get that extra oomph without having to add anything extra to your morning routine. You will not even notice that you are nourishing your immune system. You’ll just be enjoying your morning coffee, as per usual. Along with the immune system benefits, consumers can also rest assured that all the ingredients are sustainably sourced, organic and vegan.

Overall, I was thrilled with my Amasu experience. I truly never thought I’d call myself a coffee drinker. The promise of a strong immune system in the COVID-19 pandemic and flu season lured me in, but the quality ingredients and proven success of Amasu kept me sipping away.

Jenna Spray

Northwestern '23

Jenna is a journalism and legal studies double major at Northwestern University. In her free time, she enjoys binge eating dark chocolate and studying Italian in hopes that she can one day become an honorary Italian citizen. As a washed-up high school athlete, fitness is one of Jenna's passions, and her goal is to encourage more young women to get in the weight room. You can find her curled up in her bed watching Gossip Girl or using the squat rack at your local gym.
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