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Internship & Job Recruitment Advice from Some Smart AF Seniors

This morning as I desperately sought to revive myself from a *massive* hangover via three Gatorades and half a pack of saltines, I thought, “Wow, Danielle, it’s about time you got your sh*t together.” So, as inspiration to get my sh*t together, I’ve decided to profile a ton of people who most certainly have their sh*t together. These women are all seniors at Northwestern who have accepted full-time jobs at some sick companies (in a variety of different industries). In anticipation of the upcoming summer internship search, I’ve asked them each for their best pieces of ~internship & job recruitment advice~. Check ’em out below!

Haley Smith, Facebook

Industry/Role: Tech, Marketing

Major: Journalism, Sociology, Integrated Marketing Certificate (IMC)

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Best Piece of Advice: “Researching a company before you apply is always a really smart move! if you can demonstrate that you share their core values either in your resume or in your cover letter, that shows you really understand the company and how you want to contribute! Often times it’s about showing why you’re the best fit as a candidate… and if you can illustrate that your skill set and values will further the company mission through the role you’re applying for, that’s a huge bonus!”


Erin Dierker, The Boston Consulting Group

Industry/Role: Consulting

Major: Statistics, Economics

Hometown: Sugar Land, TX

Best Piece of Advice: “When you are networking, be yourself. Don’t come with a list of generic questions. Take the time to think about your experiences and ask questions that actually matter to you.”


Morgan Osborn, LinkedIn

Industry/Role: Tech, Sales

Major: Communcation Studies, Spanish, Integrated Marketing Certificate (IMC)

Hometown: Culver, IN

Best Piece of Advice: “Always utilize your connections! No matter how killer of a resume you may have, connections will always put you one step ahead. Above all, be confident in yourself and you’re abilities. Job recruitment is undoubtedly stressful, so always keep your head high.”


Hannah Zweig, Nielsen

Industry/Role: Consulting, Marketing

Major: Communcation Studies

Hometown: Port Washington, NY

Best Piece of Advice: “Don’t ever give up on yourself…It’s easy at a place like Northwestern to find ways in which you are inadequate to your peers doing the same job search. Hone in on your unique advantages, whether that be in your experience through clubs, internships or station in life, anything that will help you stand out, and incorporate that into your “elevator pitch.” Also network– Northwestern alumni are generally super helpful if you reach out in the right way and ask them for advice, rather than a job… They will be some of your best advocates.”


Ugh, gr8, better start cranking out my cover letters. Happy (job) hunting, wildcats.

Danielle is an undergrad at Northwestern University studying journalism, or maybe econ, or maybe engineering... she really never goes to class, so no one's quite sure. Her favorite Northwestern traditions include chatting with Moe outside the Mark II, grabbing a venti black coffee from Norbucks (hangover cure, DUH), and complaining about how much Blomquist gym freaking stinks. When she's not busy picking which filter looks best on her most recent Insta, you'll find her hitting the town (or at least the frat quad) searching for new content (read: hook-ups) to fill her HerCampus articles. It's field research, okay?!
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