How to Nap to the Best of Your Abilities

As winter drags on, new year's resolutions fade, and school has been in full swing for a while now, fatigue may set in. Whether it's the winter blues or staying up late studying, everyone seems a bit tired. To keep up with everything you’ve surely taken on your plate, here’s what you need to know about catching up on your sleep during the day.

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1. 10-20 minute nap

This nap, often referred to as a power nap, improves focus, cognitive activity and productivity, while reducing fatigue. If you’re running short on time and energy both, this nap may be the best option for catching a few winks to be able to function for the rest of the day.    

2. 30-minute nap

A nap this long should have the same effects found in the shorter naps before, but also can help stop the effects of a bad night's sleep the night before, and won’t mess with your sleep schedule later that night.

3. 60-minute nap

This nap is best when you’ve got some info to call to mind soon, like if you’ve just met a significant amount of people or learned a lot of information. Holding onto faces and facts is boosted with this length of nap.

4. 90-minute nap

A 90-minute nap lets your run through an entire sleep cycle, which helps clear a stressed mind, enhances memory and makes waking up feel a little bit easier.

5. The caffeine nap

This nap is an interesting one – and it hinges on you being able to down coffee and fall asleep quickly. If done correctly, essentially, you consume a serving of coffee, and before the caffeine kicks in, take a 15-20 minute nap. Upon waking up, you will have the benefits of both. Make sure not to take this kind of nap too late in the day, as it may affect your sleeping later.

6. The mid-drive nap

If you’re taking a long journey, driving drowsy, especially at night, can be extremely dangerous. To combat this, pulling over in a safe area and taking a short nap can be your best option. Pulling over on the side of the road may not be smart, but a well-lit parking lot or rest stop could be the best bet.

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