Highlights of the Evanston Farmer's Market

Sunny days make walking to the Farmer’s Market so nice.


This past weekend kicked off the Evanston Farmer’s Market, with over 50 vendors and plenty of new products to try. HC scouted out the must-sees so you know exactly what to hit up throughout the Farmer’s Market season every Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. until November 6th. Don’t know where to start? Check out our guide to the Farmer’s Market first!



Take a look at the options—great for all diets!

If you miss your mom’s home cooking, this stand offers hot soup you can buy by the bowl or frozen in bulk. It also hands out free hummus samples.


Cocina Azteca


You know a place is good when they have a line that is consistently 8-10 people long. Whether it’s sweet or savory, this stand has so many special items like vegan sweet fig, plantain tamales or a breakfast focaccia sandwich. For a quick snack try the chili-dusted mango on a stick!


Phoenix Bean

If you’re a fan of tofu—this place is your heaven. With different types of fresh, local and sustainable tofu and sauces you can either get a pre-packaged box for $7 or mix and match for any meal at home. They offer samples for any of them, so come hungry.


Katherine Anne Confections

I have unabashedly eaten one too many of these truffles. They are melt-in-your-mouth delicious with tons of interesting flavors like sweet corn! They also sell handmade caramels and marshmallows. YUM!


Green Thumb

Several vendors have pretty potted plants or flowers to brighten up your apartment or to send to a friend. Why not bring some nature indoors to help you study?


The Sweet Stuff

If you miss baked goods from home, the Farmer’s Market will satisfy your cravings. With around nine different vendors including Defloured Bakery (for the gluten-intolerant), Marilyn’s Bakery, Sweety Pies, Sheekar Delights (Baklava!) and Gotta B Crepes, there’s no way you can leave without the perfect sweet treat.


Passion House Coffee Roasters

Although there’s usually a bit of a wait for a hot cup, they make it on the spot using a Chemex. Plus, their eclectic mixes of beans have flavors you won’t find in your average Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. A must for coffee addicts!


And of course… Fruits and Veggies!

With all the farmers, there are so many fruits and veggies to try. Some even have fresh salsas and sauces they make from their vegetables, so take a look around and be sure to find your favorites!

Some other treats not mentioned: meats, cheeses, fresh pressed juices, barbeque, burgers, pickles, olive oils and balsamic, herbs, alfajores, maple syrups, honeys. Check out the full list of vendors here.