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Bro Blog: Valentine’s Day


Welcome to the Bro Blog! It's Valentine's Day. Read what our bros think about this lovely holiday.
Check them all out and enjoy:)

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Mike Mallazzo
Ben Eisenberg


Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies,  
First of all, I’ve had it with single people whining and wallowing in self-pity on Valentine’s Day.  Single guys can have all the valentines they could ever want simply by snuggling up with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.  Kate Upton was kind enough to strip down to a bikini in Antarctica, with its average high of -20 degrees so that all men could have the Valentine’s Day of a lifetime.  For all the ladies out there, I’m sure any number of the shirtless Ryan Gosling or David Beckham blogs will serve the same function.  Additionally, Bennison’s has a discount on red velvet donuts and an entire array of Valentine’s Day goodies that are better than any significant other could ever be.   
For those of you who have boyfriends, I suggest that this be the year you break out of the traditional Valentine’s Day mold.  Note that if you just began a relationship, it may be a good idea to do the whole chocolates, flowers, and nice dinner thing just to say you’ve done it before you move on to more exciting things.  However, my girlfriend and I have played this game before and it ended in me being accused of hitting on the waitress.  Therefore, this Valentine’s Day, my girlfriend and I are joining two other couples and seeing “It’s a Good Day to Die Hard.”  Because what is Valentine’s Day if not a day to die hard protecting the one you love.   Sure, we probably should be seeing “Silver Lining’s Playbook” or something else with a heartwarming kiss scene but that wouldn’t really get the flames of Valentine’s Day burning.  Watching Bruce Willis take out half of Russia will certainly ignite me to the point that it’ll be like I’m sitting next to Kate Upton halfway through the movie.  No box of chocolates can have that effect.
So ladies, dare your boyfriend to come up with something a little spicier this Valentine’s Day.  When he succeeds, don’t be surprised if you’re prepared to pounce on him like he just saved you from the flaming rooftop of a Los Angeles building.
Love hard,


New blogger Ben's got something to say... keep going!!!


Wait...today is some important day?  A holiday?  Is it the one I'm supposed to buy flowers and a teddy bear for?  Oh yeah...it's the big Valentine's Day!
I know for a lot of people Valentine's Day is either the best day of the year or the worst.  For me though, it really is just a nice day and whatever you make of it.  Being in a relationship can make Valentine's Day either really good or really bad.  If you're in a relationship where you're clearly expected to put on a big, out-of-this-world, surprise extravaganza that will be the greatest thing she's ever seen - that can be kind of stressful.  Or kind of awesome if you're into it too, I guess.  If you're in a new relationship, Valentine's Day can also be stressful because of all the questions - how serious of a gift should I get?  How big of a date should I plan?  I think the best type of relationship to be in on Valentine's Day is a steady long-term one because then you can use it as a great excuse to get dressed up, be romantic, and do something you guys wouldn't normally do.
Then there's the flipside: being single.  This is going to be my first Valentine's Day single in a few years and to be honest, I'm pretty excited.  And I'm only excited because it will be another great, normal day but some of my favorite things will be more empty because all the couples will be on dates.  SPAC all to myself?  Yes please.  No wait in the Plex burrito line?  Check.  Really though, I don't understand being mad at the concept of Valentine's day just because you're single.  Be happy other people get to be happy.  Find something else that makes you happy and do it.  


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Ben Eisenberg


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