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The Best of The Best: Fitness Vlogger Edition

It is day 50 of quarantine in my household. Needless to say, the gym and general fitness have not been at the top of my list of priorities…and my body is feeling it. I have never been a fan of home workouts and following fitness vloggers on YouTube. Something about the matching crop top and leggings paired in a perfectly lit room throws me off. My home workouts certainly never look that way, and I have found it difficult to get past that appearance. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. So, I steeled myself and took a deep dive into Instagram and YouTube’s fitness section…this is what I found!


Best Circuit Workout: Heather Robertson


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Heather Robertson is one of the more professional YouTube fitness vloggers—she has her own website and if you’re really a fan, there’s the option to register for her entire package. The programs include personalized workouts, nutrition tips, and access to a private Facebook group for healthy lifestyle support. However, if you’d rather avoid paying money, she offers a free 12-week workout program on her YouTube page. It is one of the most extensive free programs I’ve ever seen, and the workouts usually can be done from home without any extra equipment. It covers everything from strength training to HIIT, with most of the workouts being conducted in circuit form. I highly recommend Heather Robertson if you’re looking to start a full fitness routine during quarantine!



Most Fun: Karina Elle


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A hugely popular Gymshark athlete and fitness model, Karina Elle has taken Instagram fitness by storm. While Karina Elle doesn’t currently have a YouTube page where she posts her workouts, she does upload them to her feed pretty frequently. I love her workouts because she makes fitness a part of her lifestyle; her mantra is just moving your body. Even when you don’t feel like it, just move. She’s a beast in the gym, but she also knows how to lead deep breathing during yoga and stretching exercises. She really can do it all. I always love doing her workouts because she’s so positive and has an infectious joy for life. Since COVID-19, she has shifted to home workouts and posts clips on her profile with which we can follow along. Drink your water, do your stretches, and work out in your room with Karina!



Best Ab Workout: Chloe Ting


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Who else could I give this category to but Chloe Ting? I feel like this girl has taken the fitness world by storm the last few months. She is viral for her ab workouts, featured on her YouTube channel. Everyone who consistently sticks with her workouts seems to see results. She does post workouts for other areas as well, but she’s mostly famous for the abs. Hey, if it works, it works! However, be sure to be aware of certain word choices used on her page. I’ve noticed that she tends to draw attention to some natural body tendencies (like “hip dips” and “love handles”) and claims that she can target them without doing anything to the rest of the body, which is simply untrue. Don’t set unattainable goals for yourself. Always make sure that your self-talk is body positive and don’t allow fitness stars to tell you that there is anything wrong with the way your body is right now!



Best Upper Body Workout: LisaFiitt


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LisaFiitt is pretty different from the rest of the vloggers on this list. She’s started her own fitness empire where she sells her workouts and nutrition tips, similarly to Heather Robertson, but LisaFiitt focuses a lot more in the weightlifting category. She’s ripped, and her workouts will show you why. I usually get her workouts from her Instagram page, where she posts shorter snippets of her overall videos and then types the workout details in the caption. Luckily, since she’s in quarantine too over there in Australia, she’s started posting a ton of creative at-home workouts. She wins the best upper body workout because she’s not afraid of the myth that says weights will make you bulky up top! #girlpower



Best Lower Body Workout: Pamela Reif


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I actually cry every time I do a legs/glutes workout with Pamela Reif. I always tell myself I am not going to cry, yet I always do. She makes it look so easy. I like that her workouts don’t require any equipment (except sometimes exercise bands) and that she always has such a nice aesthetic. Most, if not all, of these workouts are circuits. She provides a timer in the corner so that you don’t need to worry about timing yourself, and she provides background music. I like that she doesn’t talk during the workout (some vloggers tend to feel the need to explain every exercise) and just goes ahead and demonstrates. Her workouts are so intense and always leave me feeling so sore the next day.



Favorite Overall: Pamela Reif


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I love how much these workouts challenge me. I thought that not having any weights around to use would mean that all of these workouts would be so easy, but I was way off base. Pamela is perky, easy to follow, and has the best music. Her layout is easy to navigate and keeps me coming back for more every time! Be sure to check out her dance cardio workouts for days when you don’t feel like doing a traditional workout!


This is an unprecedented situation, and it should be treated as such. If you don’t feel like working out, don’t push yourself. Follow the signs your body is giving you. However, if you can get moving, I highly recommend it. You will feel so much better afterward!

Jenna Spray

Northwestern '23

Jenna is a journalism and legal studies double major at Northwestern University. In her free time, she enjoys binge eating dark chocolate and studying Italian in hopes that she can one day become an honorary Italian citizen. As a washed-up high school athlete, fitness is one of Jenna's passions, and her goal is to encourage more young women to get in the weight room. You can find her curled up in her bed watching Gossip Girl or using the squat rack at your local gym.
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