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7 Tips for Dance Marathon!

In four days, I’ll be heading back into the tent to participate in my second Dance Marathon! I can’t believe I’ll be joining the 60 hour club, but experience has made me wiser – I’m definitely less intimidated this time around. For all those first-time dancers, here are 7 tips that helped me last year.


1. Hydrate. Get sleep. Rinse (SHOWER). Repeat. 

Drink plenty of water, let yourself sleep in, and take that extra shower. You’ll be craving all of these and more in the tent. 

2. Bring fruits and veggies 

The Food committee feeds you so many snacks, but by hour 15 you’re going to feel depleted and want something fresh. Bring your own veggies and fruits for in between blocks.   

3. Freshen up!

Toothpaste. Listerine. Floss. Face wipes. Anything that will help you feel refreshed and like a real human being will be AMAZING. 

4. Pack clothes that make you confident and comfortable

The best blocks I had were the ones I felt confident and comfortable in what I was wearing. The photo above is of my favorite outfit during last year’s DM! There are block themes to help guide you, but your comfort is key!

5. Dry shampoo? Yes please!

Absolutely the BEST move I made last year. I have thin hair that gets oily pretty easily, and with all the sweating and dancing, it was NOT a good combination. Dry shampoo saved my life (okay maybe not that extreme, but definitely made me presentable.)

6. Pillow for in-between-blocks quick Zzz’s 

During the 10 minute breaks, you have the chance to sit down and relax for a bit. If you’re game for a power nap, a pillow might be a good move. 

7. Don’t stop. Keep moving!

Mealtimes DRAINED me because we got to take a prolonged break and sit down. Getting up was super hard. Try to keep up the energy even during those times.

Good luck to all those doing Dance Marathon! 

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