6 Long-Distance Date Ideas

Are you one of the lucky – but unlucky – few, who found the love of your life, but have to suffer through years with miles and miles between you? The struggle to keep the flame burning in a college relationship is magnified when you and your lover are managing long distance. But fear not! There are still ways to spice up your date nights to make them just as memorable as if you were side by side.

1. Dinner Date Over Skype


Now I know this is pretty common already for long-distance couples to do on a weekly, or even daily, basis. Sharing a meal together, even if you’re across the country, makes it feel like you’re right next to each other. But if you want to add a twist to your normal dates, you can bring this idea to the next level by putting in a bit more effort. Set aside time – away from the dining hall – and give yourself some privacy. Try to eat the same thing as your date – whether it’s burritos from Chipotle or grocery store sushi. Act as if you guys went out and got your food together. Maybe you can both buy a bottle of sparkling apple cider, or cheap wine, and share a glass together across the screen. It’ll feel that much more intimate if you work to feel as if you’re “wining and dining” together.

2. Get Ready As If You Are Actually Going Out Together


Sometimes the most exciting part of a date night is picking out an outfit and making yourself look extra sexy to feel good and impress your sweetheart  (“Good For You” by Selena Gomez, anyone?). Recreate that feeling by taking the time to do your makeup or throw on a nice dress shirt, even if it’s for just a Skype date. It’s really easy to get in a habit of just wearing the same pajamas every time you show your babe your face – so change it up for this special occasion, and the night will be even more memorable.

3. Surprise Your Partner with Food Delivery

Everyone knows the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Sending flowers is a classic gesture, but with today’s technology (Postmates, UberEATS, GrubHub, etc.), you can take it one step further and send your lover their favorite take-out, straight to their door! They’ll be treated by delicious food, and also know how much you’re thinking of them – even when you’re miles away.

4. Handwritten Letters


Long-distance relationships can make it hard to have those raw moments when you share your most intimate feelings. For many people, words don’t flow as easily when you’re looking through a screen or typing away in a messaging app. But with a pen and a paper, you might have a bit more luck. Take some time to compose a letter to your lover, and have them do the same. Mail to them each other (yes, you’ll need envelopes and stamps – how traditional) and when you have a chance to call or Skype, read your letters – out loud or to yourselves, whatever you prefer – and embrace the moment of emotional intimacy.

5. Go for a Romantic Walk


This may not be so feasible, depending on the weather, but if you’re willing to stand the cold, it will be worth it. Take a break from your room and your laptop, and step outside with just your coat and phone to your ear. While both of you are walking, even if you’re a few hours and endless miles apart, point things about your surroundings, just like you would do if you were right next to each other. The lake is frozen over but covered in bird poop? There’s a person in shorts and flip-flops even though it's snowing? Talk about anything and everything. Sometimes the extraordinary moments can come when you take a step out of your routine and just dedicate quality time to talking with the love of your life.

6. Get Sexy


Now, this could already be something you do on a normal basis. But if not, there is no time like the present to step out of your comfort zone. Kick your roommate out, put a sock on the door (do people still do that?), and don’t be afraid to get a little wild. Whether it’s wearing some sexy lingerie (or nothing at all) while you Skype, or Snapchatting each other some hot pics, do what makes you both comfortable. Distance doesn’t mean you can’t express your sexuality just like you would when you’re together!

Long-distance is a bumpy rollercoaster, to say the least, with what seems like way too many downs as you wait to reach that high of being together. Don’t let the separation get in your way – no matter what you do, just know that any moment together is better because you have each other.

Photos Courtesy of PicJumbo