10 Shows Cancelled Before Their Time

We’ve all been there before. You see previews for a new show, watch the first episode and instantly become addicted. But, after a few weeks, you see the worst news possible: your new love has been canceled. So many shows have been wrongfully withdrawn from a network before we get the closure we deserve. Thankfully, with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, we can watch these shows again as we wonder why network television producers are so cruel. Here is a list of some of the shows that deserve another season.

1. “The Ringer”           

How could The CW cancel a show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar? Not only did she star, but also she played twins! Gellar plays two characters with completely different personalities alongside other fantastic actors like Ioan Gruffudd, ("Fantastic Four") and Zoey Deutch ("Vampire Academy"). It truly is a shame that we will never know what Bridget and Siobhan said to each other after meeting for the first time since Siobhan disappeared.

2. “The Carrie Diaries”

This prequel to “Sex and the City” lasted longer than most of the shows on this list, making it through two seasons. However, two seasons is not nearly enough time to see Austin Butler try to woo AnnaSophia Robb. Plus, the 80s clothes, music and hairstyles were so much fun! Yes, the narration was extremely cheesy and the second season was not nearly as good as the first, but the show didn’t have enough time to reach its full potential. 

3. “Jane By Design”

ABC Family canceled this gem after one season, yet "Pretty Little Liars" has been on for six seasons with the same plot each episode. You may not have heard of this show because it was short-lived with only 18 episodes. It was a tale about a high school student who had a secret life as an assistant to a fashion legend. The best fashion-themed show since “Ugly Betty” had one of the most original storylines. We will never know if Jane and Billy will end up together or if she will keep her job.

4. “Witches of East End”

While we love Channing Tatum, we wish his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, received more credit for her talent. It seems like every shows Ms. Tatum is cast in ends up being canceled. This one was definitely the best out of the more recent programs she has starred in. The storyline about secret witches was intriguing, but some of the acting from Ms. Tatum’s fellow cast members was questionable. Still, we wish it had a third season.

5. “My So-Called Life”

Truly one of the most heartbreaking things about the 90s (besides the clothing) was the cancellation of “My So-Called Life.” It’s still unclear whether ABC or Claire Danes is responsible for the show ending. The one thing that is known: Jordan Catalano, played by the talented Jared Leto, is the best teen crush to ever grace television screens. Simple but powerful dialogue and realistic situations make this one of the greatest teen dramas of all time.

6. “Undeclared”

Most people reminisce about “Freaks and Geeks,” but, did you know Seth Rogen starred in another one-season comedy created by Judd Apatow in the early 2000s? Rogen, Jay Baruchel and Charlie Hunnam shined in this sitcom about a group of college freshman struggling with personal problems. It will make you laugh and cringe at the same time. Also, Jason Segel pops in for a few hilarious guest appearances to make the show even better.

7. “The Secret Circle”

This is the third The CW show to make this list, (whoever decides which shows are removed from the lineup at The CW enjoys torturing people) and it undeniably had the most potential. Britt Robertson, Phoebe Tonkin and Shelley Hennig, who have all had successful careers following the show’s cancellation, were powerful teen witches learning to control their power. “The Secret Circle” was darker than most teen dramas and featured episodes about suicide, possession and manipulation. We will miss this one the most.

8. “Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23”

Watch one episode of this show on Netflix and you will instantly know it should still be on the air. Although it has a very long and odd title, this 2013 comedy used perfect timing and writing to execute hysterical jokes. Krysten Ritter plays an incredible New York mean girl and James Van Der Beek accompanies plays self-centered version of himself. While they certainly add to the show, the scene-stealer award goes to Ray Ford as Luther Wilson. Let’s just say, before there was Titus on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” there was Luther Wilson.

9. “Red Band Society”

The most recent canceled show on this list; “Red Band Society” also centers on the most heartbreaking topic. It is a moving story about a group of teens battling different illnesses in the pediatric wing of the hospital. All the shenanigans the teens participate in are not the most realistic, but they are entertaining and their emotions are relatable. The acting alone, especially by Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer, should have made Fox give this show a second season.

10. “American Dreams”


A great family drama that first aired in 2002, “American Dreams” tackled many themes that our society still struggles to deal with today. Brittany Snow was one of the lead actresses in this series about a middle-class family living in Philadelphia during the 1960s. The drama features themes of racism, feminism and the Vietnam War. There should absolutely be an inspiring show like this one on television today. 

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