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10 Myths Leading Up to My First Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is exactly 72 hours away. So how does the idea of Dance Marathon, an event lasting 30 hours, make me feel? The fact that I’ll be standing on my feet for 10 blocks of 3 hours, with only 10 minutes in between each one to rest my aching soles (and soul)? This is my first time participating in Dance Marathon on Northwestern’s campus – and really, my first time pushing myself to this kind of level of exertion; I’ve never even pulled a true all-nighter before. When I get over-tired (mostly due to consecutive nights of 4 hours of sleep or less), I either get cranky or delirious. I can only imagine how I’ll feel block five of DM.

I’ve been asking a lot of DM veterans about their experiences, which has led to some funny stories – and a lot of anxiety on my end. I’ve done tons of Google searches and haven’t found many answers to the myths I’ve heard. My plan is to write about the myths people have told me about DM before the weekend, and then clarify or debunk them after. I’m hoping that by next year, as a future Dance Marathon participant is curled up in bed worrying (like I am right now!), they’ll find this article and have a bit more knowledge about DM going into the weekend. So here are the most common DM myths. Stay tuned for the truth next week. 



1.     You will cry during DM. A lot.

2.     It’s really hot and sweaty. It is almost like it rains sweat in the tent. (Yes, someone actually told me this.)

3.     Your feet, back and neck will start to burn at some point – and won’t stop.

4.     You will have high and low points.

5.     It starts to get difficult when the sun rises on Saturday. 

6.     You will attack other people for food.

7.     You will want to bring your own food.

8.     But you don’t even get hungry???

9.     DM is a great time to meet new people.

10. The sleep you experience after DM is not like any other sleep you’ve ever had. 


Here’s to dancing the night…and day…and night again…away! 


If you have any interest in donating to Dance Marathon’s beneficiary, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, visit here. Go Cats!