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10 Affirmations Every Girl Needs to Hear

Wake up, go to class, study, go to bed, repeat. As the quarter ramps up, there are a million different things vying for your time and attention. With a crammed schedule it can be hard to make time for yourself. Now it is more important than ever to make sure you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Adding a little me time does not have to be complicated, something simple goes a long way.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to reframe your perspective. Starting the day in the right mindset can motivate and encourage you. Take them how you want: say them in the mirror, set reminders on your phone or even put that pack of sticky notes to use and write them down. The idea is to make it a mantra in everything you do. Everybody could use some positive thinking right about now.

This is your time, make it your own! Below is just a place to begin, feel free to change and adapt the statements to fit what you need. The main idea is to take a deep breath and remind yourself what is important.

I have earned my place
My time is valuable
I am grateful for where I am now, even if it is not perfect
I can control only my thoughts and actions
I am here to learn and that means making mistakes
I will be kind and patient with myself and others
I deserve rest
I can make small steps towards my goals
I am my priority 
It is okay to be overwhelmed 

If it feels a little weird repeating these to yourself don’t worry! Sometimes it’s hard to believe the words you are saying. It is all a process and practice makes perfect. Just like studying vocabulary for a test, you may not recognize it at first but with repetition, you learn to know it. Hopefully, you will soon recognize the affirmations as true and let them become a part of your life.

Anna Smith

Northwestern '24

Anna Smith is a freshman from Springfield, Missouri studying Social Policy at Northwestern. She loves coffee shops, her dog, and trying new experiences.
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