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Starting in the gym can be a little intimidating, especially at Northeastern’s Marino Center where there is never not a crowd. The gym videos on TikTok can be a little overwhelming too with millions of different gym wear and gear options that are often overpriced or just difficult to choose from. Over time, I have tried several different products, and my favorites all happen to be from Amazon. Here’s my list of the ten gym beginner essentials that I find most useful and affordable!

Hip Thrusts Pad

I bought this hip thrust pad around two years ago, and it has held up really nicely. It has more padding than the one found in Marino, so you can avoid hip bruising. It also comes with velcro straps to prevent the pad from slipping off the bar. It’s even available in several different colors, so you can get a pad that matches your gym aesthetic! 

AUROLA Shorts & Leggings 

When it comes to gym fits, I would argue that Aurola has some of the best shorts and leggings options. They are considered Alphalete dupes because they are really nice quality and have great compression. The shorts are around $25-$35 dollars, and they have sales quite often. There are three different style lines for the shorts, and they come in so many different shades. 

AOXJOX Sports Bras

AOJOX has a lot of the sports bras and tops that have gone viral on Tiktok, and for good reason. They have all the cute styles from razorback to backless, and they also come in different colors and even patterns. These sports bras are super comfortable and can be paired with a lot of different gym fits. 

A variety of Gym Tops 

Amazon has a lot of different workout top options; there are compression shirts, crop tops and graphic tees. The best graphic tees are normally labeled for men, but because they are meant to be oversized, it’s not an issue. The crop tops are super cute on upper body days, and there are a lot of full coverage and backless options. Compression tops have recently gone viral on TikTik, and they are an instant confidence boost, especially when paired with AUROLA shorts. 

Wrist Straps 

Wrist straps are a little controversial on FitnessTok, but they can be very helpful, especially for girls with a big imbalance between their upper and lower body strength. These grips can help you increase the weight you use for lower body exercises without struggling from a weak grip. They are also really cheap for pretty good quality, so it’s not a big spending sacrifice if you only use them at the beginning of your lifting journey! 

Resistance/Pull-Up Bands 

Stretching bands are super important, and they can be used for several things in the gym. Aside from stretching and warming up,  they can also be used to help assist pull-ups. When going to the gym, it is really important to train in proportions, and working on pull-ups is a great way to train your upper body. This pack comes with different resistances, so as you advance you do not have to buy more bands. 

Ankle Straps 

Ankle straps are very handy when trying to do kickbacks. Kickbacks are often considered essential in glute gains. Because most gyms don’t provide ankle straps, it’s important to have your own. The FitGirl ankle strap can be bought as a single or a double, whichever you prefer. They are good quality and are shipped in a little bag to make it easier to carry them around the gym. 

Shaker Bottle 

Shaker bottles are a cute gym need. They have a metal ball that helps to blend a majority of gym supplements into your drink. Most people use them for pre-workout, but they can also be used to mix creatine, greens powders, protein and more. They come in different ounce sizes, so depending on what you will use the bottle for the most, you have a lot of options. This bottle is also available in a lot of cute colors that can motivate you, even more, to drink whatever supplements you take.

Megan Lee

Northeastern '25

Megan (she/her/hers) is an international affairs and criminal justice major with a minor in Spanish. She is a third-year student at Northeastern University from New Orleans, Louisiana. Most of her interests involve music, lifestyle/beauty trends, exercise/ gym culture, and world politics/affairs. She's very passionate about advocacy issues such as equal pay, refugee rights, and human trafficking awareness/resources.