Husky in the Spotlight: Grant Ritter

Name: Grant Ritter, 6'3"
Hometown: Annapolis MD
Year: Middler
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Where are you doing your coop?
"Bose, Mechanical Engineering Co-op"
What is your position there?
"Continuous improvement engineering for headphones/home entertainment"
Why did you choose to apply here?
"Applied for the name and an interest in wireless devices"
What is your day to day like?
"So far I have been designing and creating fixtures for development and validation testing as well as making direct design changes to products already on the market. My group recently merged with home entertainment to include Bluetooth speakers. I have had exposure to these types of speakers as well as consumer, aviation, and military headphones."
What do you see yourself doing post-grad?
"I see myself joining a company like Bose. It is unknown whether or not I will pursue grad school or another degree."
What are your favorite things about your job?
"Bose is a great place to co-op because of the culture here. Being a very research based company, a lot of focus is put on exploration. My manager encourages me to familiarize myself with as many facets of the company as I can during the 6 months. I also get to do a lot of hands on work in the lab"