Healthy Alternatives For Stress Snacking During Finals

Sorry to remind you guys— but finals are fast approaching and most of us binge eat the sadness away with unhealthy foods. Here are some easy changes that will satisfy the same taste buds, but will make you happier when you look in the mirror at the end of the semester.


Instead of trying to drown your sadness and stress with ice cream, try substituting it for Greek yogurt. You will save yourself a lot of regret later when you reflect on your trash filled with tubs of yogurt instead of tubs of Ben & Jerry’s.


Instead of eating a bag of Lays chips, try eating a bag of banana chips instead. The crunch is just as satisfying. Believe me. If you want bonus points, even though they won’t be added to your final grade, substitute the banana chips for the banana itself!


I have been known to eat a five-pound bag of gummy bears in an entire day. It is my claim to fame, but it shouldn’t be yours. Instead of eating half of your weight in gummy bears, have some yogurt-covered raisins. They taste better than they sound!


M&M’s are amazing. Chocolate is amazing. I will never say no to chocolate. Try some chocolate-covered almonds. Nuts are good for you, and they taste even better when they are dressed in chocolate.


Coffee. I know you need the caffeine, but if you want to save some calories from the added milk and sugar, try drinking alternative forms of caffeine. Coconut water coffee tastes incredible, and the simple ingredients will make your body feel better. When your body feels good, your mind feels good, and you will get good grades!