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Name: Eve Korte

Year/Major: Junior, Communication Studies

Co-Op Title: “This is my first co-op and I’m a Production Intern at The Dr. Oz Show in New York City

What made you apply to this company? “I applied because I wanted full-time experience in the television industry and to find out what kind of show I might want to work for in the future, and such a popular talk show seemed like a great opportuniy for a first co-op”

What is your day-to-day like at co-op?“Each day at the show is different for sure. There are several student interns (although I’m the only full-time co-op and we all rotate daily among the several roles that we fill. The show operates at the show’s production office and at the studio where the episodes are taped. On taping days I might be working with the audience staff at the studio, checking in audience members and helping everything move smoothly. I might be helping out the staff in the rest of the studioas everyone prepares for the show, prepping dressing rooms, running errands, and acting as a stand-in during rehearsals. Other days mihgt include helping the production team with research, helping the booking producer to research potential guests for the show, assissting on field shoots, filling in at the reception desk, and maintaining the office”

What do you hope to learn/gain from these six months? “My overall goal for the time that I’m here is to work with and learn from as many staff and crew members and departments as I can. I’d also like to pitch an idea for a show at some point.”

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